Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe 2015 - 2016

“Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe” is a cooperation project among theatres, festivals and cultural organizations in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Romania.
“Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe” has been funded twice with support of the European Commission: “Culture Program 2007 – 2013” and “Creative Europe 2014 – 2020”.

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1nov - 30nov 11:00 amnov 30Workshop about Dancefloor Memories by Lucie Depauw

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Bogdan Georgescu at Sala Beckett for Fabulamundi project

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Yesterday, Conect Act Festival at Teatrul Naţional Târgu-Mureş finished.
For Fabulamundi there were:
– 25th November: "Kepler-438B", written by Guillem Clua and directed by Bobi Pricop
– 26th November: "Böse Kinder", written by Mihaela Michailov and directed by Katrin Hentschel
– 26th November: "Mameloschn – Mother Tongue", written by Sasha Marianna Salzmann and directed by Olga Macrinici
– 26th November: "Archimedes’ Principle", written by Josep Maria Miró
– 27th November: "Ca Un Fum, Ca O Părere" (Mir Nichts, Dir Nichts), written by Jan Friedrich and directed by Gavril Cadariu
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ConectAct 2016 | Coregrafie de grup, Centrul Național al Dansului București | Foto: Cristina GÂNJ | Bristena Photography

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Emanuele Aldrovandi
Marion Aubert
Lukas Bärfuss
Magdalena Barile
Federico Bellini