Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe won the Call Creative Europe as large scale European Cooperation project 2017-2020!


“Fabulamundi will take place from 2017 to 2020 in 10 European countries with 15 partners, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Poland, UK and Czech Republic, and will involve other 8 twinned countries.”

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1oct - 17decoct 11:00 amdec 17Workshop about "The Lulu Projekt" by Magali Mougel (Rome)
9oct - 10oct 91:00 amoct 102° National Playwrights Meeting (Spain)
15oct - 30oct 151:00 amoct 30Workshop about "Dancefloor Memories" by Lucie Depauw (Milan)
18oct1:00 am- 1:00 amFirst AD workshop with Interkulturelle Theaterzentrum Itz e.V.
1nov - 17decnov 11:00 amdec 17Workshop about "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" by Joël Pommerat (Rome)

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Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe - Beyond Borders? - 2017/2020

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Emanuele Aldrovandi
Marion Aubert
Lukas Bärfuss
Magdalena Barile
Federico Bellini