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We are thrilled to announce that Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe won the UBU Prize in the category “Special Prize”


for the multi-year contribution in supporting and spreading of Italian dramaturgy in Europe and, at the same time, of the foreign dramaturgy in Italy, through translation, mise-en-space and critical comparison actions.
Special thank to all the Fabulamundi’s authors we have met in this years, to all our friends and partners, and to all the people have worked on this project with us.

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24apr - 12junapr 241:00 amjun 12Workshop about contemporary dramaturgy lead by Carles Battle
25apr - 27apr 251:00 amapr 27First Mob Pro in London
14may - 25may 141:00 ammay 25The Italian author Pier Lorenzo Pisano in Paris
28may - 3junmay 281:00 amjun 3Fabulamundi at Primavera dei Teatri Festival (Italy)

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Introducing ITZ (German project partner)

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The reading of "Out There" by French Fabulamundi author Natalie Fillion at Teatr Dramatyczny this Monday was a success! Take a look at some of the pictures to see what went on. 😊

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Oto fotorelacja z otwartego czytania dramatu "Na skraju" Nathalie Fillion w reż. Aldony Figury. Dramat bierze udział w międzynarodowym projekcie Fabulamundi. Playwriting EuropeA już 23 kwietnia o godz. 19:00 zapraszamy na czytanie argentynskiego dramatu "Bunia" Roberto Cossy w reż. Giovanniego Castellanosa 😊

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