Students’ Reviews about “Villa Dolorosa” by Rebekka Kricheldorf

After the viewing of “Villa Dolorosa. Tre compleanni falliti”, written by Rebekka Kricheldorf, some students, who attended the workshop led by Roberto Rustioni, wrote their reviews about the play, staged at Teatro Vascello in October 2015:   Lo spettacolo teatrale “Villa Dolorosa. Tre compleanni falliti”, fa parte di un progetto di creazione e raccolta di esperienze […]

Journal: Lucie Depauw at Pim Off (Milan)

  After her experience at Pim Off (Italy) for the stage presentation of her text, “Dancefloor Memories” – cured by Astorri Tintinelli Company – Lucie Depauw left from Milan with this feeling.   Milan février 2016 Je reviens à Milan… Souvent j’ai besoin du mouvement pour écrire ( je ne tiens pas plus d’une heure […]