Antonio Fernandez Lera / Spain

Antonio Fernández Lera

1 Where was your play presentation done and when? Can you please tell us how was your experience in the frame of the project?

My text Desde la sombra/Bufones y payasos (which in English should be translated as From the Shadow/Buffoons and Clowns) was translated into Romanian as Din umbră/Bufoni și paiațe and presented on November 16, 2014 (Sunday) at Teatrul Ariel/Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș. A very nice presentation with four performers..

2. Write a couple of sentences about the feedback you received from the audience.
My impression is tha the audience feedback was quite good. There was a lively conversation with some espectators afterwards.

3. What were your major benefits from this experience?
«Recognitions», as William Gaddis would say. To recognize echoes of your own words in a language you actually do not know, to recognize timing, tones, the «music» you think is there, within the text. And to see and feel the proposals implicit in the text treated with respect and affection.

4. During the presentation or other activities (workshops, conferences etc) you probably interacted with other auhors/directors/actors/managers. Did any personal project emerge out of this interaction?
Unfortunately I arrived a bit too late for the other activities. Contacts and interactions were very pleasant, with other participants and particularly with the very welcoming people from Teatrul Ariel/Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș. But there was no time for any new personal project (but who knows, the future is always there).

5. Were there any follow-ups to your presentation?
Not sure about this.

6. Please make some suggestions for the improvement of such events in the future.
Nothing to add on this.