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Wiener Wortstaetten (Vienna)

Wiener Wortstaetten is a unique, intercultural playwrights-theatre-project, launched in 2005 by Hans Escher and Bernhard Studlar, which encourages discussion and networking between Austrian and international authors. Centered around authors who (mostly) live in Vienna and whose native language is not German but who write in German, an international network has been created over the years to establish an intercultural exchange and a centre for contemporary European drama in Vienna. Wiener Wortstaetten is a research laboratory, mediating between playwrights and the theatre business.
The goal of the project is the long term promotion and support of theatre authors. A specific methodology is followed for the selection and promotion of playwrights and plays, that foresees a first phase of stage presentation and reflection about the proposed plays; a second phase of review of the selected plays and verification of how effective and playable the drafts are, together with a professional team consisting of a director, a dramaturg and actors; in the third phase, the authors’ plays are presented to the public as a rehearsed staged stage presentation or production, either in cooperation with other theatres or as in-house productions.

july, 2024

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11jan(jan 11)10:07 am30nov(nov 30)10:07 amDrama Lab 2024


11jan(jan 11)10:07 am30nov(nov 30)10:07 amDrama Lab 2024


11jan(jan 11)10:07 am30nov(nov 30)10:07 amDrama Lab 2024


11jan(jan 11)10:07 am30nov(nov 30)10:07 amDrama Lab 2024


11jan(jan 11)10:07 am30nov(nov 30)10:07 amDrama Lab 2024

Past Events

january 2018

30jan(jan 30)1:00 am31(jan 31)1:00 am7° Austrian National Playwrights Meeting

april 2018

25apr(apr 25)1:00 am27(apr 27)1:00 amFirst Mob Pro in London

may 2018

19may1:00 am1:00 amFelicia Zeller at Wiener Wortstaetten

october 2018

04oct(oct 4)1:00 am09(oct 9)1:00 amTranslation residency of Esteve Soler in Austria

november 2018

27nov(nov 27)1:00 am25jan(jan 25)1:00 amA new production in Austria of "Contra la llibertat" by Esteve Soler

january 2019

11jan(jan 11)1:00 am12(jan 12)1:00 ama special networking activity in UK

march 2019

14mar(mar 14)1:00 am18(mar 18)1:00 amTranslation residency of Fabrizio Sinisi in Vienna

05mar(mar 5)1:00 am07(mar 7)1:00 amMOB PRO WARSAW

april 2019

12apr(apr 12)1:00 am09may(may 9)1:00 amFabulamundi - Call for Associate Researcher

may 2019

21may(may 21)1:00 am23(may 23)1:00 amMob-Pro Vienna

september 2019

23sep(sep 23)1:00 am25(sep 25)1:00 amMOB PRO GERMANY

october 2019

18oct(oct 18)1:00 am19(oct 19)1:00 am4 staged readings of contemporary plays at the Werk X Theatre in Vienna

november 2019

24nov1:00 am24dec1:00 amAlexandra Pâzgu text in Vienna

06nov(nov 6)1:00 am08(nov 8)1:00 amfifth Fabulamundi Partners’ Meeting

december 2019

12dec(dec 12)1:00 am15(dec 15)1:00 am4 Fabulamundi texts at Teatro Stabile di Bolzano

march 2020

16mar(mar 16)1:00 am17(mar 17)1:00 aminternational symposium: Is writing an activity, career or therapy?

12mar1:00 am1:00 amAnschlussfähig: 3 Fabulamundi's authors in Vienna

october 2020

20oct1:00 am1:00 amKollektivsalon part 2: Anschlussfähig

november 2020

18nov(nov 18)1:00 am19(nov 19)1:00 amSymposium Female Perspectives on Contemporary playwriting

december 2020

21dec(dec 21)1:00 am31(dec 31)1:00 amstreaming of "The end of tollerance" - collective play by Wiener Worstaetten

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am31mar(mar 31)1:00 amPublished the final report about the Mobility Program of Fabulamundi

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am28feb(feb 28)1:00 amFabulamundi Workbook online

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am26feb(feb 26)1:00 amPublished the Final report about Audience Development within Fabulamundi

10dec(dec 10)1:00 am12(dec 12)1:00 amEntgegnungen: short audio play by Fabulamundi authors

may 2023

29may01junNew Voices 1° partner meeting in Rome

october 2023

17oct(oct 17)10:07 am19(oct 19)10:07 amNew Voices peer-to-peer meeting for playwrights in Venice

january 2024

11jan(jan 11)10:07 am30nov(nov 30)10:07 amDrama Lab 2024

february 2024

19feb(feb 19)10:07 am22(feb 22)10:07 amNew Voices 2° partners and playwrights meeting in Paris

march 2024

08mar(mar 8)10:07 am07jun(jun 7)10:07 amWrite Yourself Free

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