Culture Action Europe (Brussels)

Culture Action Europe (CAE) is an advocacy and lobby organisation promoting arts and culture as a building block of the European project. The aim is to influence European policies for more and better access to culture across the continent and beyond. CAE provides customized information and analysis on the European Union, offers cultural actors a space to exchange and elaborates common positions, and develops advocacy actions towards European policymakers.
The most important European network of cultural organizations, CAE is a Europe-wide network of membership organisations, with a Secretariat based in Brussels. CAE currently unites over 100 cultural networks, organizations and institutions throughout Europe; its extended network reaches over 60.000 organisations active in more than 14 artistic disciplines. The members are from all domains – national theatres to international cultural networks, research institutions to cultural contact points, independent cultural operators to conservatoires, orchestras to writers associations, visual arts organisations to voluntary arts organisations. CAE brings them together in the belief that cultural cooperation matters in Europe.
CAE’s main aim is to put culture at the heart of public debate and decision making; its main focus is to provide operators with tools and skills to better act – thus produce change – in the eco-system they are part of, at different levels: local, regional, national, European.

December 2020

Here you can download the final report about Audience Development within Fabulamundi, written by Cristina Da Milano, for CAE-Culture Action Europe

REPORT: Audience Development within Fabulamundi