Gallery: Beyond Fukuyama by Thomas Köck at Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan

From 26-31 March, Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan hosted the Italian premiere of the production of Teatro-i:  Beyond Fukuyama by the Austrian playwright Thomas Köck, directed by Renzo Martinelli and with Federica Carra, Mauro Milone, Elisabetta Pogliani, Ulisse Romanò, Anna Sala. The show envisions a world entirely plausible, but at the same time, beyond imagination.

Review: Nicoleta Esinencu at Teatro i (Milan)

On 4th May 2016, the Romanian author Nicoleta Esinencu presented at Teatro i (Milan) the stage presentation of her text A(II)RH, translated by Roberto Merlo, directed by Renzo Martinelli with Federica Fracassi on stage. Below you can find the press review of the event.   MilanoTeatri_A(II)RH_Nicoleta Esinencu Corriere della sera_A(II)RH_Nicoleta Esinencu

Gallery: Bonn Park at Teatro i (Milan)

We publish a gallery about Grieve about Bonn Park by Bonn Park. The play was performed at Teatro i (Milan – Italy) from 2nd to 22nd March 2016. An author died. Some people are sad. This play is about the allmighty force: Dying! And it’s very short. Piangiamo la scomparsa di Bonn Park direction by [...]