Elise Wilk / Romania

Elise Wilk

1. Where was your play presentation done and when? Can you please tell us how was your experience in the frame of the project?

The first play presentation was done in September 2013, during the Short Plays Festival in Rome, Italy. It was the first time when one of my plays was presented in another language than Romanian, so this presentation was very important to me. After the reading of my play, I participated at a Q&A session with some members of the audience.
The second presentation took place in June 2014 in Berlin, during Autoren-Theatertage. The German translation of the play was also published in an anthology together with other plays from Italy and France at Theater der Zeit Publishing House. After the presentation me and the team (translators, director, actors) had a conversation with the audience.

2. Write a couple of sentences about the feedback you received from the audience.

The feedback received from the audience was very good. It helped me very much, because before I used to think that my plays are very “Romanian” and they can be understood only by Romanians.

3. What were your major benefits from this experience?
My play was translated into Italian and German. The translation in German was published in an anthology. The Italian translation will be published in an e-Book. I met other people with similar interests. After the experience with Fabulamundi, my plays were translated also into other languages.

4. During the presentation or other activities (workshops, conferences etc) you probably interacted with other auhors/directors/actors/managers. Did any personal project emerge out of this interaction?

Henschel Schauspiel, an agency from Germany, took my play.

5. Were there any follow-ups to your presentation?

The contract with Henschel Schauspiel. Maybe in the future it could be staged in Germany.

6. Please make some suggestions for the improvement of such events in the future.

It should be a final event with readings of the plays and meeting of all the playwrights. More theaters should be involved.