Eva Marie de Waal

Eva Marie de Waal was born in Amsterdam and grew up in Hilversum. She first studied modern dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and history at the University of Amsterdam and then went on to study at the Amsterdam Theater School. She graduated in 2009. Since then she has been working as a freelance actress in theater groups, TV series and films. She also creates her own pieces; conceiving, writing, choreographing and playing in collaboration with others.


Sieger Sloot

Sieger Sloot (1977) graduated in 2000 from the Amsterdam Theater School. Since then he has acted in plays such as Hurly Burly by De Praktijk, Cloaca and The Discovery of Heaven by Hummelinck Stuurman, De Hulp (The Cleaner) by Maria Goos and Superkapitalisten (Super Capitalists) by Mosquitowiththegoldentooth. With this group he also played in Kunsthart (Artifiical Heart), which was selected for the Theater Festival. He wrote the play Superkapitalisten in which he also acted, together with Eva Marie de Waal.


They are currently working on a new play for Mosquitowiththegoldentooth: Sociaal Kapitaal (Social Capital).