Gallery: workshop Alexandra Badea at Mousson

Alexandra Badea has been commissioned by the festival to write a text around the theme of this edition: “ACT!”, which she has entitled “Quelqu’un quelque part va continuer à marcher” (Someone someplace will keep on walking).
This new text has been staged and rehearsed by 15 student-actors from the TUN and 5 amateur actors, during a workshop called “STAGING CONTEMPORARY WRITING” led by Alexandra Badea.
The public presentation of this workshop took place on Friday, February 21st at Théâtre de Mon Désert, Nancy.
Students from the TUN were selected to participate in a writing workshop led by Alexandra Badea. They were introduced to writing techniques like automatic writing, or collective writing, and learnt how to build a theatrical story based on their own personal perception of the society they live in.
The texts written by the participants during the workshop will be read in public today, Tuesday February 25th at Théâtre de Mon Désert, Nancy.
-> CONFERENCE & QnA (26th FEB)
Alexandra Badea will introduce to the general public her “Ways of Writing”- her inspirations as well as the questions that surface through her published and soon-to-be-published plays. This presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.