Interkulturelle Theaterzentrum Itz e.V. (Berlin)

ItzBerlin e.V. is acting mainly with young people (10-16) with multicultural and migration background in collaboration with schools (Kepler Schule, Adolf Reichwein Schule, Albert Einstein Gymnasium, Herman Nohl Schule, Loewenzahn Schule), multicultural associations such as TDZ (tuerkisch deutsches Zentrum), RoMa-Trial e.V., Vincentino Foundation, etc. We are part of a local network for cultural activities called Kulturnetzwerk Neukoelln.  Our main interest is to cross borders, generational borders, borders of language, discipline, genre, social borders. We are offering a wide range of activities: from theatre workshops, dance workshops, but also productions of contemporary playwrights, readings, up to concerts, open mike sessions, common meals with discussions or construction workshops, public gardening, cinema projections. Heart of the Itz activities is the “Jugendtheaterwerkstatt Neukoelln” financed by the Bundesamt for Migration and Refuges, BAMF, which is acting in the “Hauser”, our project room at the Esperantoplatz.

Next Events

 Past Events

13oct - 14oct 131:00 amoct 14Dramatische Republik: 8 Fabulamundi's texts in Berlin
2oct - 31oct 21:00 amoct 31Rehearsal of two new productions in Berlin
14may - 28may 141:00 ammay 28Industria Indipendente at ITZ Berlin
25apr - 27apr 251:00 amapr 27First Mob Pro in London
15jan - 16jan 151:00 amjan 166° German National Playwrights Meeting
18oct1:00 am- 1:00 amFirst AD workshop with Interkulturelle Theaterzentrum Itz e.V.
1jun - 1jul1:00 amjul 1- 1:00 amTeater an Der Parkaue - Copii Răi
8apr - 31mayapr 81:00 ammay 31Teater an Der Parkaue - Copii Răi
22nov - 12decnov 221:00 amdec 12Interkulturelle Theaterzentrum Itz e.V. (Berlin - Germany)