In a New Light

In a New Light
conversation with playwrights after lockdown

François Matarasso has led a cycle of video interviews dedicated to eight Fabulamundi authors and their human and professional stories. In a continuous short circuit between public and private dimension, In a New Light intertwines memories, experiences, ambitions of the artists.

Matarasso, who in the last two years has met all the authors of the network thanks to the MobPro, the international mobility program specifically designed for them by Fabulamundi, is in dialogue with Alexandra Badea (France), Katja Brunner (Germany), Ferran Joanmiquel Pla (Spain), Mihaela Michailov (Romania), Thomas Perle (Austria), Pier Lorenzo Pisano (Italy), Maria Wojtyszko (Poland), Petr Zelenka (Czech Republic).

In a new light
a project by François Materasso
recorded and edited by Boato\Danesin
co-produced by PAV, ECCOM and CAE – Culture Action Europe

Maria Wojtyszko

Thomas Perle

Pier Lorenzo Pisano

Petr Zelenka

Ferran Joanmiquel Pla

Alexandra Badea

Mihaela Michailov