Ioana Sileanu

Ioana Sileanu

Ioana Sileanu is a graduate of the Journalism University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca at a MA level in Media Production. She is now finishing an MA in Playwriting at the University of Arts in Târgu-Mureş.
Her first play, De Sticlă (Made of Glass) won second place at the theater magazine dramaturgy competition EQUAL for feminist playwriting in 2016. In 2017, her short play Corp delict (Corpus delicti) won the ‘eurOpinions’ playwriting contest and was staged in a collage play together with the other four winner short plays at the Targu-Mureș National Theater, in collaboration with the 3G Theater.
She won the ‘Young critics force’ contest in 2010 and has published various articles of theater and film commentary (2010 – 2019) in publications such as,, Gazeta de Arta Politica (Political Arts Gazette), Art Act Magazine, Taste of Cinema, Caietele Masca (The Mask Notebooks).
For one year (2015) she has been part of the Theater of the Oppressed company So-So-So in Slovenia.

The things I love the most (Lucrurile pe care le iubesc cel mai mult)

Ana, Adam, Cristina and Nika are a group of teenage friends out on a camping trip. Their game of Truth or Drink reveals lots of things, like the fact that Ana doesn’t miss her boyfriend Manu, who she’s on a break with, and who happens to show up right at the moment of confession. Cristina and Adam are a couple, but it seems that Cristina is not happy with Adam’s looks and lack of masculinity. Adam has a secret of his own. Nika is the only one single, and everybody keeps reminding her of that. And she’s a bit too upset that Ana and Manu seem to be getting back together. And her dog is missing, which is a bit strange, and might coincide with Manu’s alleged temper issues.


Human resources (Resurse umane)

It’s late at night and Tony and Anita are still in the office. Tony is very upset, and Anita is trying to comfort him. Their boss Dominic is to blame – he’s an awful human being, he has laid-off people, including a colleague undergoing cancer treatment. Allegedly all to save the company. And he’s denied Tony’s long-awaited promotion, which is a real problem for him, as he’s bought a new house and has a mortgage to pay. But Tony has an idea: why doesn’t Anita accuse Dominic of sexual harassment and destroy his life?


On the other shore (pe malul celălalt)

Alice and Max are married and have a six-months-old baby. Their relationship is rocky: Alice is an ex-activist who had to give up her passion to raise Matei, compromise she’s not happy with, as Max is a university professor who didn’t give up as much for the baby as he promised. Or so she says, but Max disagrees. Things are not made easier by Max’s new job offer in Germany, which Alice doesn’t want to hear about. Their friends Toader and Anca, childless, seem to be much happier. They just bought a house and are now decorating it, but they have very different plans with the small room. Anca wants it made an office. Toader wants it made a baby’s room. Neither is willing to give up on their view.