Irene Petra Zani

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Irene Petra Zani was born in Bergamo in 1986 and graduated in Playwriting at the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milano. She worked and collaborated as playwright and as assistant director with several theater companies and artistic collectives, including dance companies (Teatro i, Fattoria Vittadini, Atopos Compagnia teatrale, Fragile Artists performing photography, Fulvio Vanacore and recently with The Baby Walk). She is in Playstorm team, a project by Fausto Paravidino for Teatro Stabile of Torino.

THE DOLL – where it’s easier to look

A woman in front of the sea with her life’s partner, a male inflatable doll. She is not able to swim. For her, it is real and its eyes without eyes are the only eyes that she can love. The relationship existed and lasted since more than ten thousand years: this love is hardly degradable, like plastic. Like an illusion.

The play deals with the pathology of anorexia, understood here in the sense of symptom and defense following an abuse occurred in childhood, and tells the comic tragedy of an impossible love and its inexhaustible request for meeting and dialectics with the Other, eternally present and absent.

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