Iva Brdar

Iva Brdar (c) Marko Kuzmanovic

Iva Brdar completed studies of Dramaturgy at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and a Master in Theater Studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III. She is the author of plays Rule of Thumb, Geraniums Can Survive Anything, Tomorrow Is (For Now) Always Here, And If I Don’t Behave Then What… She received Brücke Berlin Award, Sterija Award and won Heartefact’s Competition for the Best Contemporary Full Feature Drama Text. Her plays were staged at Schauspiel Stuttgart, Kosmos Theater Wien, Cherry Arts Ithaca, read  at New York Public Library,  Théâtre du Nord, Deutsches Theater and shortlisted for Theatertreffen Stückemarkt. In Germany, her plays are represented by Rowohlt Verlag.

Rule of Thumb

Ana and Monika take part in a hitchhiking competition. In order to win, they have to be the first to reach a small, randomly selected town on the edge of Europe. The rules are simple – the pair of participants that gets there first wins. In a series of encounters with various drivers who help them reach their destination, their desire to win is slowly disappearing into the horizon.


Tomorrow Is (For Now) Always Here

They meet. They disappear. What is left to remember? Each scene in Tomorrow Is (For Now) Always Here consists of the original instructions of the wikiHow website, one of the biggest websites offering instructions in the form of several steps to achieve a particular goal. The illusion that the Internet offers answers and immediate solutions to all the problems of the contemporary world is the starting point of this play – can we find an instruction for life?