Lucie Depauw


After studying cinema, I started to write the desire of cinema… but language has chosen his playground, hunting ground, freedom, theatre, the possibility of various forms of speech… intimate, projected into the face, create poetic, prosaic, creaky, I like to work on the tipping point of characters and situations when it slips, when it is almost a little absurd, monstrous, offbeat, identities disorders, changes, I like travel in the wrong way. I like to write for the theatre so that it can be alive, organic, the heat and the fresh meat sweat, the inflow of corpuscles, to seek the heart of men, to extract it, and to know what there is inside… To get imaginary off the ground, to take account of today’s world, to organize a meeting.

Fabulamundi involved Lucie Depauw in activities in Milan and Berlin.

Lucie Depauw was born in 1978.
She pursued studies in film and broadcasting, and has worked as an assistant director in the field for the past ten years.
She has been awarded writing grants for her plays from Association Beaumarchais-SACD: Dancefloor memories in 2009, Carcasses exquises in 2005; productions grants from the Centre National du Théâtre for HymeN in 2011, Lilli/ HEINER in 2012, Sas, Théâtre d’opérations et suites cinq étoiles in 2013 (also awarded a writing grant from the Centre National du Livre.)
She was a prize-winner at the Journées d’auteurs de Lyon in 2011 for Dancefloor memories.
Some of her plays have been published (by Editions Solitaires intempestifs, Editions Koinè, ETGSO) and translated (Dancefloormemories and Lilli/HEINER into German, HymeN into Serbian, Lilli/HEINER into Italian, and Dancefloormemories into English).
Dancefloormemories opened at the Studio Théâtre de la Comédie Française and is currently running until May 10, 2015, staged by Hervé Van Der Meulen.
Lilli/HEINER was staged Brit Bartkoviak in the fall of 2014 at the Staatstheater de Mainz.
It was also staged as a radio play by Cédric Aussir on France Culture.

Sas, théâtre d’opérations et suites cinq étoiles – Editions les solitaires intempestifs 2014
Lilli/HEINER intra muros – Edition Koinè 2014
Dancefloormemories – Edition Koinè 2013
HymeN – Edition ETGSO Vol 19

Dancefloor Memories
3 crisscrossing voices (Age 70/80)
And sometimes snippets of tango jazz and other kinds of music
Pierre / Marguerite / Gary
A senior citizen love triangle
Infidelity / In the Past / In the Future / On Illness / Memory / Death the Last Dance / Desire / Sex / Keep Living after all/ Encore
In five movements with crisscrossing dialogue and narratives, two men and a women in their twilight years talk of the beauty of love and desire, to defy old age and their failing memories. The past and present echo one another, as their pieces progress parallel to each other. An unusual trio, Gary, Pierre and Marguerite love each other and have decided to face the passing of time and enjoy life to the last drop.

Alice and Tom meet in a bar lounge of a five star hotel in Chypria during a decompression SAS , three-day period for soldiers coming back from war.
She is a specialist of the stress post traumatic syndrome and works with the French army , he is a photographer and makes some work around ” post-war “.
Through their meeting and the three days of the SAS , there is the horror and absurdity of war,Afghanistan and Mali, those of the past or the future that reveal and unfold to France, where a soldier’s wife fears a phone call…

Lilli/Heiner intra muros
Lilli/Heiner intra muros is the story of a young girl who will never have the time to become a woman, as she is the victim of male hormone doping practiced in the ex DDR. So it is the story of Lilli which gradually becomes that of Heiner, the women he meets, his youth as a young girl,his first love Eilb, his mother, and Magda, his wife and the mother of his children. It is also the story of the divisions of Germany, the divisions of bodies through muscles, borders, desires and genders.

February 2016

Lucie Depauw has been invited at PimOff (Milan – Italy) with her text “Dancefloor Memories”