Marta Barceló

Foto Marta Barceló

Marta Barceló is a graduate in Dramatic Art (speciality in mime) at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. Subsequently, she also took circus studies at The Circus Space (London).
Her career has been very much linked to her production company Res de Res i En Blanc (now defunct), where she worked for twenty years as a creator, actress, trapeze artist, co-director or author of mime, circus and theatre works and texts. In parallel, since 2005 she has worked as a screenwriter on fiction series broadcast on regional television in the Balearic Islands (Vallterra, Treufoc, Pep…).
In 2013 the show (“remor”), which was cowritten, coperformed and codirected by her, won the Total Theatre Award at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.
She won the Scriptwriting Tournament of the Balearic Islands with Before the German is Here (2016) and the tournaments of the Temporada Alta de Girona (2016) and the Transatlántico de Buenos Aires (2017) with Tocar mare. She also won the Palanca i Roca Theatre Prize (2020) with her play Anar a Saturn i tornar.
She has worked on a children’s novel (Lúnia, winner of the Guillem Cifre de Colonya award) and short plays.
She is currently co-director of the C.IN.E. (Sineu Centre for Performing Arts Research).

Before the German Is Here

Júlia has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
The  imminence of the disease’s progression, combined with the reactions of her family and friends, will lead her, following the emotional whirlwind that news like this represents, to take a series of essential decisions so that she can fully live the time that she has left.
A vitalist play that transmits a glimmer of hope in the face of irreversibility and that talks to us about identity, bravery and courage.

Play available in Catalan, English, Greek, Italian and Spanish.
Play for 1 actor and 1 actress.
Winner of the 2nd Playwriting Tournament of the Balearic Islands.
Prize for Best Playwright from the Association of Public Theatres of the Balearic Islands.


Tocar mare

Esperança, a pre-retired happy and spirited woman, and Empar, the manager of an audiovisual producer, form – against all odds – an atypical family in which each partner embodies what the other one is lacking.
Tocar mare reflects with humour on how bonds are created between people, what characterises a family relationship and what is expected of certain parenting roles, how people are impacted by the feeling of being abandoned or of family loss, the unexpected effects of mercantilism or the invention of new formulas of personal relations.

Play available in Catalan, Greek, Italian, Rumanian and Spanish.
Play for 2 actresses.