Michelangelo Zeno

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Michelangelo Zeno obtains a diploma in dramaturgical writing at the Dramatic Art School “Paolo Grassi” of Milan in 2010. He continues his training with workshops of direction. His route is halfway between pure writing and creation of plays. Between 2011 and 2014 he rewrites and stages some classics (Bernhard, Müller, Ibsen). He writes for the composer Gabriele Cosmi the libretto of MagenZeitOpera, edited by Suvini-Zerboni and represented in Venice during BiennaleMusica2014. From 2017 he is resident dramaturg at CuboTeatro in Turin. He writes Coackroaches that opens at Teatro Gobetti in Turin in 2018 and obtains the jury’s mention of the writing prize HystrioScrittureDiScena. His play Malagrazia (edited by Caracò, Bologna) is staged by Phoebe Zeitgeist Company in many theaters in Italy and it opens the season NuoveStorie2018 at Teatro dell’Elfo in Milan. In 2019 he will debut with a new version of Shakespeare’s Tito Andronico and a new funny religious parody: The Slaughter’s.


Hikikomori or ghost-boys, so are called the young people that don’t work, don’t study and finally lock themselves up and refuse all the outside contacts. Alex was one of them. But he has not a traditional family. The mother, Gwen, after the first husband’s death, married Carl, her colleague, father of Olivia, a girl with the same age of Alex. But he doesn’t accept the new life, or he can’t accept. His choice will be fatal: Alex will die of starvation. An absurd death for a high family of the western world. How was it possible? To these and other questions they will have to answer during a Tv-show where they are pressed by a malicious and ethereal interviewer who doesn’t leave anything to chance, even the silences. Between regrets and senses of guilt, between furious arguments and icy confessions, they will follow a parable of grief’s negation, they will get rid of their destructive drives and will prepare the future deleting the past. In the background, as for evocation or apparition, Alex lives his mock-heroic adventure in a fantastic world discovering an unknown population: the Cockroaches, little beings that flourish beyond the time and the events eating rubble…

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