Ingeborg von Zadow, Playwright and Librettist, was born in Berlin and spent her childhood in Germany, the USA, and Belgium. She studied Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and holds a Master of Arts degree in Theater from the State University of New York at Binghamton, USA. She worked as Assistant Director on various operas and plays and translated English language plays. Her plays have had numerous productions and were translated into eleven different languages. Ingeborg von Zadow won the Brother-Grimm-Prize of the State of Berlin and was granted a One-Year-Scholarship of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, a Fulbright-Grant and the “Nah dran”-Grant of the Children´s and Youth Theater Center Germany and the German Literary Fund. She was nominated for the National German Children’s Theater Prize and the Mülheimer Children Plays Prize. Ingeborg von Zadow is represented through Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt a.M., Germany.

House of Great Surprise

A cottage by the sea! Who wouldn’t want to live in it? In Ingeborg von Zadow’s play, two people – Mr. Goldtüte and Mr. Pfefferkorn – want to move into the empty house that was sold to them by a dubious salesman. Both claim to be the rightful owner and that’s where the problems start because two is one too many. While Mr. Pfeffersack moves in accompanied by the squirrel “bath salts” and a suitcase, his unwelcome roommate barricades himself behind a mass of furniture that increasingly seems to be developing a life of its own. In this conflict situation, both must come to terms and find a solution for peaceful coexistence…

House of Great Surprise tells how in the smallest of spaces, rivals with different ideas about life can become friends. Nominated for the German Children’s Theater Prize 2016: “In her fairytale parable for children, the author conducts the philosophical discourse on being in a convincingly pictorial way. An intelligent piece for children’s theater, whose simple fable does not want to hide the complexity of the subject being dealt with. ” (From the jury statement)


Visiting Katt and Fredda

Katt and Fredda live happily together as a couple. When Katt imagines that it would be exciting to have a visitor, Fredda is hurt. But when Miranda actually walks in the door complimenting Fredda, it’s Katt who feels left out.



Nola has always wanted to go to Pompinien. Now the time has finally come, but now she is no longer so sure whether she really wants to go because then she would have to leave Tanil behind. It’s about the conflict of wanting to stay and leave at the same time.


Outside the House

In a simple story for the youngest audience, Ingeborg von Zadow describes the first curious steps into the outside world: meeting a big cow and meeting a mouse, climbing a mountain, and discovering that there is much, much more to explore. And then it’s already evening, and it’s time to go back into the house.

With her new piece, Ingeborg von Zadow has succeeded in telling a small and yet very big story. It covers the span of a whole day, reminding the importance of going out and coming home again – in short: of life.


Me and You

Ziggy and Doodle are a pair of opposites: While Doodle is curious about the world and wants to play, Ziggy’s behavior towards the world is characterized by fear. Because he believes that a stone could fall on his head at any time, the two begin to wall each other in, which puts their friendship to the test. In the end, they find a way to get together.