radioplay: Brefs entretiens avec des femmes exceptionnelles by Joan Yago

Here below we publish the radioplay of Short Interviews with Exceptional Women by Spanish author Joan Yago, produced by Theatre Ouvert (Paris, France).

text by Joan Yago
translation by Laurent Gallardo
creation of Collectif Le Grand Cerf Bleu

mise en voix Collectif Le Grand Cerf Bleu (Laureline Le Bris-Cep, Gabriel Tur et Jean-Baptiste Tur) | artistic collaboration Gabriel Tur
cast Anna Bouguereau, Laureline Le Bris-Cep, Juliette Prier, Jean-Baptiste Tur

produced by Theatre Ouvert for Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe

Glenna Pfender has blue skin due to an out-of-control addiction to the chemical derivatives of silver. She believes that happiness consists of being in a place and wanting to stay there forever. Ukrainian model Natalia Yaroslavna has modified her body to become a flesh-and-blood Barbie doll. Today she will explain to us that at one time we were gods and, if we wanted to, we could be gods again. Susan Rankin represents the county of Clark at the Nevada Assembly. She dreams of an America where all the boys and girls –independently of their religion or origin– can go to school with a weapon in their rucksack. We have between two-hundred and a thousand years to abandon the planet Earth. We will talk about it with world expert in transhumanist engineering Roberta Flax. Rosie Powell is the youngest transsexual girl in the United Kingdom. She loves to wake up every day in this wonderful world and is absolutely certain that, in the future, people will be better.