The programme
Théâtre Ouvert is participating in “Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe – Crossing generations” with the following activities:
November 16th – 21rst 2015:
– November 17th: Merce Sarrias, with “A la défense des moustiques albinos “, directed by the young and well known director Julie Deliquet
– November 20th: Dirk Laucke with “Pas pour tout le monde”, directed by Simon Delétang


Gallery: Mercè Sarrias at Théâtre Ouvert

Mercè Sarrias has been invited at Théâtre Ouvert with her text "In defense of the Albino Mosquitoes" on November 2015.

Gallery: Dirk Laucke at Théâtre Ouvert

Here some pictures of "There’s not enough to go round", written by Dirl Laucke. The author has been invited in November 2015 at Théâtre Ouvert for the stage presentation of his text.


Journal: Mercè Sarrias at Théâtre Ouvert

When you write you have the characters on your mind. One perhaps has the face of an actor you know, or a friend’s body or the way your neighbour use to walk. You have on your mind a person, maybe a fusion of people, maybe someone you really know. And then an actor does the […]

Journal: Dirk Laucke at Théâtre Ouvert

Some days before Paris attacks on the 13th November, Dirk Laucke, guest at Théâtre Ouvert for Fabulamundi Project, wrote this journal.   Who cares who the people is? by Dirk Laucke Success is not very reliable. Especially when you have it. You spend even more energy to hold on to a certain state of fortune than […]