Werner Fritsch


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Language is still the big catalyst sparking imagination: With a few phonemes, worlds are created, and not only of this world. Language still evokes the strongest images in the heads of the viewers and listeners, developing films in the laboratories of their minds. The author is the last democrat: He believes in the potential of the imagination. I can show a fragment of the moon’s roundness and the entire spherical orb appears in the heads of the audience.

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Werner Fritsch, Berlin, Germany. Writer/Director.
Fritsch studied philosophy, ethnology and literature at Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich. His published works include Hereafter (Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M. 2000), The Merry Wives of Wiesau (Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M. 2000), Cherubim (Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M. 1987, Quarry (Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M. 1989), Mincer, Battle (Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M. 1992), Chroma: Color Theory for Chameleons (Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M. 2002), and Nico – Sphinx of Ice (Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M. 2004).
His films include These Are The Thunderstorms In Nature (1988), Like A Bird: The Wheel Of Fortune (2008), Faust Sonnengesang / Faust – Song of the Sun (2012).
Fritsch is a recipient of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich Award (1990), the Rauris Literature Prize (1988), the Robert Walser Prize (1987), the Award of Carinthia at the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize (1987), the Heimito von Doderer Award (1999), the Else Lasker-Schüler Playwright Prize (1997), the Bavarian State Prize for Literature (1996), and the Arno Schmidt Scholarship (2007).
His radio play ENIGMA EMMY GÖRING received the award “Hörspiel” of the year 2006, the ARD radio play prize 2007 and the German audio book prize 2008. For DIESER AUGEN BLICK he received the short play award of the rbb 2009. In 2010 he was guest of the Casa Baldi / Villa Massimo.
In 2011 he received the Peter Suhrkamp scholarship; in 2012 the Sinecure Lansdorff. In 2013, he won the Grand Prix Marulic and the Grand Prix Nova with his radio poem FAUST SONNENGESANG. In 2015 he received the Schillerehrengabe. In 2016 he was awarded the Bavarian Cultural Prize for Literature. His books and films are published by Suhrkamp.
Werner Fritsch is a member of the PEN Club and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Werner Fritsch lives in Hendelmühle and Berlin.

Cast: 1M

An old servant, Wenzel Heindl, tells of his life and world. It is a hard life and a magical world. He uses the evocative, pictorial language of his home region, rich in imagery, to naturally express everything that has become incomprehensible to us modern humans.
Premiere: Nationaltheater Mannheim, 20.12.1998
Directed by Christoph Biermeier

Cast: 1F

Nico, singer with the Velvet Underground, 60s and 70s icon, and a key figure still for the punk and gothic movements. Andy Warhol called her his moon goddess, she called herself Fata Morgana. In this monologue, Werner Fritsch reflects on her life and work.
Premiere: Staatstheater Darmstadt, 12.01.2002
Directed by Thomas Krupa

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