Aaf Brandt Cortstius

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Aaf Brandt Corstius started as a daily columnist for nrc.next. After several years she moved to de Volkskrant. She publishes columns and articles in a variety of magazines and is also the author of The Year I Turned 30 (Het jaar dat ik 30 werd), The Modern Woman’s Manual (Handboek voor de moderne vrouw) and The Year I Became a Mother (Twice) (Het jaar dat ik (2x) moeder werd). She wrote her first play, Fifty Fifty, (about an open marriage) for Mosquitowiththegoldentooth featuring the actors Marcel Musters and Lies Visschedijk. This was followed by A Hefty Lefty Matron (Een Flinke Linkse Vrouw) (about a woman who takes in a street newspaper vendor). The last part of her trilogy BELLY (BUIK) came out in 2017.

BELLY (Buik)

For her birthday, Bob is taking his sister Marit to a cottage near the beach on the Dutch isle of Texel. However, once settled at their holiday home, it turns out he has a hidden agenda: he intends to subtly inquire whether she’ll agree to be a surrogate mother for him and his male partner.

A comedy about old grudges and new life. About lazy sperm, quick decisions, easy accusations and difficult choices. And about the question: How far will you go for your brother or sister? “But Marit, just hear me out. If it was a kidney I needed you’d help me too, wouldn’t you?”

After the success of Fifty Fifty and Een flinke linkse vrouw, actors Marcel Musters and Lies Visschedijk are cooperating with writer Aaf Brandt Corstius once again. The resulting performances have become a trilogy about man/woman relationships: a couple’s struggle with their open marriage, the uneasy relationship between two total strangers and the complicated family ties between brother and sister.

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