Andreea Tănase


Andreea Ioana Tănase was born on the 6th of January 1990, in Sibiu, Romania. In 2014 she graduated from the “Ion Mincu” University of Urbanism and Architecture in Bucharest and she is currently finishing a Master’s Programme in Dramatic Writing at the University of Arts from Târgu Mureș.
In the summer of 2019 she took part in a Dramatic Writing Residency at Reactor de Creație și Experiment in Cluj-Napoca. Her play, All’s well that ends, was staged by theatre director Radu Nica at Reactor de Creație și Experiment in September 2019. In February 2020 she won the Contemporary Dramaturgy Contest “Corneliu-Dan Borcia” and her play, 98% (the right decision), was staged by theatre director Elena Morar at Teatrul Tineretului in Piatra Neamț. In July 2020 she won in the monodrama section of a theatre and literary contest organized by Teatrul Dramaturgilor Români, Muzeul Național al Literaturii Române și Biblioteca Metropolitană București. Her play, a previous version of The day I married myself, was staged online by Mirela Zeța in December 2020.
From 2017 to present, she took part in acting and improvisational comedy workshops.
She is an improviser, a comedy sketch writer and a playwright.

All’s well that ends

A divorced young couple, Daria and Radu decide to throw together a divorce party to celebrate new beginnings. Their guests are the people in the audience who get to witness the raw intimacy of a couple in crisis. Flashbacks blend with present scenes in what becomes an almost surgical view of a failed marriage. It is a dramatic and comedic journey which dwells deep into the heart of divorce, exposing every failure on the way. It deals with themes like emotional immaturity, loss and pain, and the inability to balance personal growth with the needs of a couple. The ending brings a new twist on the wedding vows which become a means of untying the knot and a mature attempt of accepting the value of loss.


98% (the right decision)

A seventeen-year-old girl named Iza gets pregnant by pure chance or bad luck. Flashbacks from her life blend with scenes from the present, the latter hanging heavily on her because she has to make a decision about whether to keep the baby or not. It is a coming of age journey about what could be one of the most important decisions regarding a woman’s life. It deals with teen related themes like bullying, womanhood, friendship, love and sex in a world where everybody seems to know what’s better for Iza, except for her.


The day I married myself

A young woman named Dora decides to marry herself in an online Zoom event open to all who want to participate. People get to ask questions and to share their opinions about her choice and things escalate until her event becomes viral. A protest suddenly erupts and journalists are there to find out what the society has to say. The action happens in a multi-character monodrama which questions the idea of a single woman’s status in a traditional society. It is an emotional and humourous journey through loneliness and vulnerability, bringing forward and debating the much needed concepts of self-love and self-care.