Journal: Bernhard Studlar on MobPro Austria

On May, 21-23 in Vienna took place the MobPro Austria. Read below what Bernhard Studlar, Wiener Worstaetten project manager, wrote about it.   Bernhard Studlar Wenn sich Gedanken in Bewegung setzen Mobility programme – welch abstrakter Begriff. Was passiert da eigentlich? Auf den ersten Blick nicht viel. Ein paar europäische Autorinnen und Autoren treffen einander und reden. 

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Gallery: Beyond Fukuyama by Thomas Köck at Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan

From 26-31 March, Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan hosted the Italian premiere of the production of Teatro-i:  Beyond Fukuyama by the Austrian playwright Thomas Köck, directed by Renzo Martinelli and with Federica Carra, Mauro Milone, Elisabetta Pogliani, Ulisse Romanò, Anna Sala. The show envisions a world entirely plausible, but at the same time, beyond imagination.

gallery/journal: Elżbieta Chowaniec in Bucharest to see her “Gardenia” staged at Teatrul Odeon

Polish playwright Elżbieta Chowaniec went in Bucharest to see her play Gardenia staged at Teatrul Odeon. Here are some pictures of that evening and the moment she met the cast. Here the journal of the author: In the behalf of Fabulamundi Project, I had a chance to see my play ‘Gardenia’ in Bucharest, Romania, staged in Teatrul 

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Journal: Valentina Diana on the translation residency in Milan

Read below the report Valentina Diana wrote on the translation residency on her text Fratelli that she held on 25-28 March in Milan with the English translator Enza De Francisci and the support of Valeria Belardelli, young playwright of Fabulamundi Drama Lab.   Il lavoro che abbiamo svolto a Milano in questi giorni è, a mio avviso, il 

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Journal: Pier Lorenzo Pisano about his experience in New York

On March 25-31, Italian playwright Pier Lorenzo Pisano has been in New York for a translation residency on his text Postwar in the frame of Italian Playwrights Project developed within Fabulamundi Drama Lab. Read below what the author wrote about his experience.   Tutti i giorni prendevo un autobus per andare dal New Jersey a Midtown; 

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Journal: Anna Wakulik about her experience at University of Arts of Targu-Mures

On 19-23 March, the University of Arts Târgu-Mureș presented A Time to Reap by Polish playwright Anna Wakulik on stage at The Ariel Children and Youth Theatre. The author also ran a playwriting workshop for the postgraduate students of the Playwriting MA course of the University of Arts. Read below what the playwright wrote about her 

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