Bogdan Georgescu / Romania

Bogdan Georgescu

1. Where was your play presentation done and when? Can you please tell us how was your experience in the frame of the project?

My play Romania! Kiss me. was presented during the festival La Mousson d’Ete, Pont au Mousson France in August 2014. It benefit of an extended rehearsal process, over three weeks. The director seemed to really enjoy the play and go beyond staging a reading, but also exploring other ways of a potential actual staging, very different and very provocative.

2. Write a couple of sentences about the feedback you received from the audience.

The audience seemed to really enjoy the show, although there were a few voices complaining about the quality of the translation. But as an overall reaction, I think it was a very positive response to the performance. And I’m using the word performance instead of public reading, in respect to the fact that most of the actors were off book, there was an entire set built and the show was almost ready to have an official opening.

3. What were your major benefits from this experience?

It was a great experience, especially in the Mousson festival context. Aside from the great experience of seeing the play directed by a foreign director for a foreign audience (a great learning experience in terms of cultural “translation” – what could make sense abroad, which are the parts that only make sense to a Romanian audience), it was the first time for me to present my work in France. Also, the chance of meeting playwrights and theatre artists and art managers from allover the world, getting to talk and spend time together it’s a great benefit of the project.

4. During the presentation or other activities (workshops, conferences etc) you probably interacted with other authors/directors/actors/managers. Did any personal project emerge out of this interaction?

There was a lot of interaction and lots of very interesting conversations. I had a lunch with students in residency at the festival and it was great to hear their feedback and questions on my work and on the show presented there. There are a couple of potential future collaborations, but they’re still in the very early phase of coming together.

5. Were there any follow-ups to your presentation?

I think the most important follow-ups of the presentation, as mentioned before, is the networking, the new professionals from allover the world you get to meet and the exchange which takes place.

6. Please make some suggestions for the improvement of such events in the future.

It would have been nice to have a little bit of time ahead of the reading to work with the director, maybe a couple of days, to talk and exchange ideas and thoughts on the reading / performance. Also, I think it could be helpful for the audience, especially when introducing new international work, to have talk backs after the show and have questions both for the playwright and for the creative team in charge with the reading / performace.