In a New Light 3

Short conversations with European playwrights Who are you? The simplest question but still the hardest one. In this new series of In a New Light, Fabulamundi invites eight playwrights to engage in short conversations about their human and professional stories, crossing vocations and paths, works and identities, experiences and ambitions, the scripts they have already [...]

In a New Light 2

Eight European playwrights discuss theatre in, and after, the pandemic  The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest shock humanity has faced for decades, a truly global event that has overturned our way of life, from geopolitics to domestic intimacy. Millions have died, and many more have suffered debilitating illness. Jobs, homes and hopes have been lost, [...]

In a New Light

In a New Light conversation with playwrights after lockdown François Matarasso has led a cycle of video interviews dedicated to eight Fabulamundi authors and their human and professional stories. In a continuous short circuit between public and private dimension, In a New Light intertwines memories, experiences, ambitions of the artists. Matarasso, who in the last two [...]