Press review: Three Romanian Fabulamundi’s playwrights at Short Theatre (Rome)

This year, Short Theatre festival hosted the premieres of three texts by as many Romanian Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe's authors: from 11th to 15th September took place Leave the kids alone, a sound installation by the Italian company VicoQuartoMazzini based on Elise Wilk's Paper Planes; on 12th September Migratory Birds Fly High by Mihaela Michailov was on stage and the day after 

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Press review: Interview with Ferrán Joanmiquel Pla by the “The Serendipity Periodical”

In the occasion of the thirteenth edition of Short Theatre festival, the students of Sapienza University interviewed the Spanish playwright Ferrán Joanmiquel Pla about his work and discussing with him important topical issues. Click here to read the interview published on The Serendipity Periodical, available both in Italian and Spanish.

Press review: Fabulamundi’s authors at Primavera dei Teatri (Castrovillari)

This year Primavera dei Teatri festival in Castrovillari (Calabria) hosted three artistic residences of three Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe's authors in the frame of the Europe Connection project. The plays - "111" by Tomasz Man, "Confession of a masochist" by Roman Sikora, "Extremophile" by Alexandra Badea - debuted whitin the 19th edition of the festival, which 

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Press review: “Gardenia” by Elzbieta Chowaniec staged at Teatrul Odeon

On May 31 Gardenia by the Polish author Elzbieta Chowaniec debuted at Teatrul Odeon (Bucharest) and went on stage during the following month. Here we publish the translation of a review of the show by the Romanian Acta est fabula online magazine (here you can find the original in Romanian):   Those prodigal mothers and their daughters 

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Press review: Journal by Stratagemmi

This year Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe has been brought inside two Milan’s high schools thanks to STRATAGEMMI prospettive teatrali. The students read and discussed Fabulamundi’s plays, met some authors, saw the shows: in this way they got to discover what dramaturgy is, from the text to the stage. Here we publish their interviews and reviews.

Press review: Two stage presentations of two texts by the German author Bonn Park at Teatro i (Milan)

From the 7th to the 14th March there were two stage presentations of the two texts Sadness & Melancholy and The Rumbling of the Milky Way by the German author Bonn Park at Teatro i (Milan) in collaboration with the Italian company Barletti/Waas. Here we publish some reviews of the two shows. Press review_Bonn Park_2018 

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