Gallery: Panorama Roma: 5 twinned authors at Short Theatre 2020

Panorama Roma, project cured by Fabrizio Arcuri, grew from the fabric of Short Theatre and brought together other Roman organisations. It refers to a co-creative zone of research and reflection that caters to the needs of Rome’s artistic community in which they are invited to share facets of their creative journey and modus operandi. In [...]

Press review: Three Romanian Fabulamundi’s playwrights at Short Theatre (Rome)

This year, Short Theatre festival hosted the premieres of three texts by as many Romanian Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe's authors: from 11th to 15th September took place Leave the kids alone, a sound installation by the Italian company VicoQuartoMazzini based on Elise Wilk's Paper Planes; on 12th September Migratory Birds Fly High by Mihaela Michailov was on stage and the day after [...]

Fabulamundi insights

Each Fabulamundi partner presented itself and shared its experience in the project, talking about collaborations with foreign authors hosted in its own country and focusing on the work of their national playwrights around Europe.   Below the video of each partner: Bernhard Studlar for Wiener Wortstaetten, Austria Cristina Da Milano for CAE Culture Action Europe, Belgium [...]

Review: Sonia Chiambretto at Short Theatre 11

Here you can find the press review about Polices!, the text written by Sonia Chiambretto and staged by Muta Imago at Short Theatre 11 in September. Persinsala: persinsala_Polices! Che teatro che fa: Che teatro fa_Polices! SaltinAria: Saltinaria_Polices! Il Venerdì di Repubblica: Il venerdì di repubblica_Polices! Gaitaitalia: Gaiaitalia_Polices! Dude Mag: DUDE MAG_Polices! Teatro e Critica: Teatro e Critica_Polices!

Review: Davide Carnevali at Short Theatre 11

Here, you can find the press review about Peppa™ prende coscienza di essere un suino Educazione Transiberiana #1, written by Davide Carnevali and presented at Short Theatre . La Lettura_Corriere della sera:  La lettura_corriere della sera_Peppa prende coscienza di essere un suino Teatro e Critica: Teatro e Critica_Peppa prende coscienza di essere un suino Gaiaitalia: Gaiaitalia_Peppa prende [...]

Review: Pablo Gisbert at Short Theatre 11

Here we publish the press review about La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje, written by Pablo Gisbert and performed by El conde de Torrefiel at Short Theatre 11 on the 8th Septemeber 2016. Gaiaitalia: gaiaitalia_La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje Che teatro fa: Che teatro fa Blog Roma Repubblica_gaiaitalia_La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje Teatro [...]