Clorofilla dal cielo blu

Playwright: Roberto Scarpetti
Partner: PAV
Twinned playwright: Bernhard Studlar

Duration: 1 week incl. final presentation
Participants: 10-15
Location: Teatro Argentina – Teatro di Roma
Time: 11-15 september 2023

Clorofilla dal cielo blu is a PAV project in the context of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe “New Voices”, in collaboration with Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale.

Clorofilla dal cielo blu is a short workshop dedicated to the adaptation of texts for theatre organised by New Voices Italian partners PAV and led by playwright and author Roberto Scarpetti. Bernhard Studlar, Austrian playwright part of New Voices’ FAB community,  joins Roberto Scarpetti to decline the workshop’s themes and reflections into an international dimension.

Structured into five intensive sessions, the workshop takes place from 11 to 15 September 2023 at Teatro Argentina and will involve a group of emerging playwrights, directors and actors into the a comparative reading of “Clorofilla dal cielo blu” by Bianca Pitzorno.

Scarpetti will guide the group to confront on key writing aspects in Pitzorno’s text to understand theatrical adaptations of texts, specifically focusing on: the choice of language in the passage from narrative to theatrical writing; the development in a contemporary point of view of the themes of the original story; the plot interventions necessary for the staging; management and changes of the characters; adaptation as a betrayal of the novel.

To participate, send your CV or presentation to: by 1 September 2023. Participation in the workshop is free and attendance is compulsory. Good knowledge of the English language is required.

Deadline: 1 september 2023