an attempt at freedom in a small town


WHEN: 16-19 November 2021

WHERE: Teatro Villa Torlonia

by Tanja Sljivar

directed by Paola Rota

a project by Paola Rota, Tanja Sljivar, Simonetta Solder

with Silvia Gallerano, Liliana Massari, Irene Petris, Simonetta Solder, Sara Mafodda, Martina Massaro, Sylvia Milton

translation by Manuela Orazi

production PAV within Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe

With the contribution of the MiC – Ministry of Culture and the Regione Lazio 

Seven thirteen-year-old girls, seven scenes, and seven monologues are the thematic setting for a drama in which the only constant is the unreliability of young people when it comes to memories and statements. COME TUTTE LE RAGAZZE LIBERE (LIKE ALL FREE GIRLS) is a comedy about the need to leave in order to fully realize one’s sexuality and to be able to make decisions about one’s body and one’s life. There is American pop culture, Skype, and Instagram. There are grandmothers, critical theory, and the patriarchal environment of a small town. Through their means, the seven girls want to tell us everything except how they actually got pregnant on a school trip. The mystery hovers dense over this play which, with its need to challenge the pre-packaged rules of society, tries to rewrite the concepts of family and patriarchy, making a group of teenagers the architects of this small cultural revolution.


The show will be preceded on November 9th by a meeting at La Sapienza – University of Rome during which the director and part of the cast will speak for a focus dedicated to geographies and themes of contemporary European dramaturgy.