The activities of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe return to Rome: from February 24 to May 31 the urban fabric will intercept Europe and its protagonists with a multidisciplinary project based on the transversal nature of languages. Thanks to its consolidated experience in the international arena, Fabulamundi formulates a composite and multidisciplinary program for Contemporaneamente Roma 2020-2021-2022, which places the Capital at the center of a European cultural ecosystem, intensifying the creation of synergies and favoring the diffusion and production of new formats.

Research, production, experimentation and dissemination are the cornerstones of a dialectic around which a dynamic project will be built and shared with local institutions and networks such as, first and foremost, Teatro di Roma, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo and Biblioteche di Roma.

The rich and heterogeneous cultural proposal that Fabulamundi condenses in its design strongly corresponds to the desire to be able to affect spaces and networks of the city with a programming attentive to the languages ​​and themes of contemporaneity and to the practices of active participation with meetings, workshops, webinars, masterclasses and training activities, maintaining an openness and an international scope.

The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the Public Notice «Contemporaneamente Roma 2020-2021-2022», curated by the Cultural Activities Department and carried out in collaboration with SIAE.

The activities

THEATRE INSIGHTS – Stories from Fabulamundi

On February 24 there will be the presentation of THEATRE INSIGHTS – Stories from Fabulamundi in the context of the Master’s in Economics, Organization, Cultural Planning of Performing Arts and Events at the Sapienza University of Rome.

The movie is born from the original writings of eight European authors of the network called to testify with their creative word the fabric of images, experiences, encounters, travels that in the last four and a half years of the project have characterized with their presence the Fabulamundi network.

A hybrid halfway between cinema and theater, a spatial and human cartography, harmonized by the connecting dramaturgical work of Giulio Boato and Davide Carnevali, which recomposes, in its linguistic and cultural heterogeneity, the face of a Europe beyond borders.

Il Bambolo

On March 1-5, the play Il Bambolo by Italian playwright Irene Petra Zani, directed by Italian author and director Liv Ferracchiati and with Italian actress Linda Caridi, will be presented in live streaming on PAV website and social channels.

The text focuses on a «relationship disease», which has its roots in a familiar void, crossing three themes: anorexia, (paternal) abuse and (maternal) abandonment. A language that has to do with despair and irony, with lightness and distance, with a tireless hand-to-hand between stage and audience.

Training Program

This time, the Fabulamundi Training Program will take place digitally, consisting of three online workshops focused on writing as a tool for observation and taking – scenic, political, testimony – action.
The first participatory lab, Imagining theatre in the future, there will be on March 22-29 held by Ellen McDougalldirector and dramaturg of the Gate Theater. It will be an opportunity to imagine a participated manifesto for the theater of the future.
The Romanian playwright and translator Elise Wilk will lead the second workshop, Journalistic techniques in writing for theatre – part 2
, on April 19-23. The sessions will complete the path started during the first workshop held in September 2020 in the frame of Fabulamundi Effects – a European digital storytelling.
The last one will take place on April 26-30 and it will involve the Bosnian author Tanja Šljivar, the Italian director Paola Rota and the actress and translator Simonetta Solder. The three artists will work together starting from Šljivar’s text Come tutte le ragazze libere to investigate writing and its performative possibilities. 

On May 4-5-6 the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO) in Via Nizza will host the workshop dedicated to the possibilities of dialogue and experimentation between visual art and contemporary dramaturgy curated and directed by Martina Badiluzzi, young Italian playwright and director, winner of the Call «Biennale College Directors under 30» of La Biennale di Venezia with the play The making of Anastasia.

In a New Light 2

The playwrights of Fabulamundi and their stories, both human and professional, will be the protagonists of In a New Light 2 – the word to the authors, a cycle of video-interviews curated by François Matarasso.
Between the public and private dimensions, the project will weave memories, experiences, ambitions, narrating the artists starting from their discovery of the theater, from their approaches to writing, from the relationship with the public, from the influences and convergences that have marked their careers.
The online release will be:

April 7 – episode with French author Lancelot Hamelin

April 14 – episode with Italian author Francesca Garolla

Aprile 21 – episode with Polish author Radosław Paczocha

April 28 – episode with Romanian author Elena Vlădăreanu

May 5 – episode with Czech author Vít Peřina

May 12 – episode with German author Kevin Rittberger

May 19 – episode with Spanish author Victoria Szpunberg

May 26 – episode with Austrian author Azar Mortazavi 

M.A.P.P.A. talk - a cycle of webinars in collaboration with Teatro e Critica

On March 29, April 19 and May 3, the cycle of webinars of the project M.A.P.P.A. talk curated by the Italian webzine Teatro e Critica will be broadcast. Each appointment will deal with the impacts generated by European projects in local cultural policies with interventions from different realities and interlocutors of the national cultural panorama.

Teatro e Critica will also take care of profiling and conducting two meetings dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary dramaturgy. Scheduled for May 17 and 31, these online meetings will be an opportunity to discuss and deepen the results of the research on the state of contemporary European dramaturgy and translation developed by Margherita Laera and the University of Kent on behalf of Fabulamundi.