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Theatre Letí originated in September 2005. Its main artistic program is production and active support and development of contemporary drama. Contemporary plays are an essential part of live art that reflects current needs of its viewers. Letí focuses on cooperation with young Czech playwrights, actors, directors etc – many of them are considered to be significant talents of their generation. Letí currently produces stagings, it provides artistic residencies for Czech and foreign playwrights, it initiates the origin of stagings of contemporary plays, it organizes a showcase of stagings of contemporary plays from the Czech Republic and abroad and it also deals with professional reflection and active work with audience. Amongst the most important activities: Centre for contemporary drama. In 2010 Theatre Letí began working on a new project that was later entitled Centre for Contemporary Drama. The main goal of this Centre is to broadly support contemporary dramatic development in the Czech Republic and to present new Czech and foreign plays to the widest audiences.

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 Past Events

february 2018

28feb1:00 am1:00 am2° partners meeting in Prague

26feb(feb 26)1:00 am27(feb 27)1:00 am8° Czech National Playrights Meeting

april 2018

25apr(apr 25)1:00 am27(apr 27)1:00 amFirst Mob Pro in London

01apr1:00 am30sep(sep 30)1:00 amProduction of the play by Tomas Dianiska "Den Zavislosti"

june 2018

01jun1:00 am30(jun 30)1:00 amTwo Spanish authors at Prague

october 2018

02oct(oct 2)1:00 am31(oct 31)1:00 amTranslation group in Prague

november 2018

29nov1:00 am1:00 amStage reading of "The Rumbling of the Milky Way" by Bonn Park at Theatre LETÍ

27nov1:00 am1:00 amStage reading of "This wall is pulling itself together and the star has spoken, the star said something too" by Miroslava Slovikova at Theatre LETÍ

december 2018

01dec1:00 am03(dec 3)1:00 amMOB PRO Czech Republic / Prague

january 2019

11jan(jan 11)1:00 am12(jan 12)1:00 ama special networking activity in UK

10jan(jan 10)1:00 am14(jan 14)1:00 amDinner with a new play with the text by Claudia Cedo and Jacob Nolte

february 2019

18feb(feb 18)1:00 am22(feb 22)1:00 amTranslation residency of Michelangelo Zeno at Theatre Letì

01feb1:00 am20mar(mar 20)1:00 am"Europe Connection" by Alexandra Badea at Theatre Letì

march 2019

20mar1:00 am1:00 am"Europe Connection" by Alexandra Badea at Teatro Letì

05mar(mar 5)1:00 am07(mar 7)1:00 amMOB PRO WARSAW

april 2019

15apr1:00 am1:00 amEurope Connection by Alexandra Badea on stage at Theatre Letì.

14apr1:00 am1:00 am"The writer" by Ella Hickson in Prague

12apr(apr 12)1:00 am09may(may 9)1:00 amFabulamundi - Call for Associate Researcher

may 2019

21may(may 21)1:00 am23(may 23)1:00 amMob-Pro Vienna

june 2019

06jun(jun 6)1:00 am16(jun 16)1:00 amCampQ

september 2019

23sep(sep 23)1:00 am25(sep 25)1:00 amMOB PRO GERMANY

november 2019

29nov1:00 am1:00 amthree newly translated Italian plays in Prague

21nov1:00 am1:00 amEurope Connection at Prague

09nov1:00 am09dec1:00 amEurope Connection in Prague

06nov(nov 6)1:00 am08(nov 8)1:00 amfifth Fabulamundi Partners’ Meeting

december 2019

12dec1:00 am1:00 amVolker Schmidt in Prague

january 2020

08jan1:00 am1:00 amEurope Connection by Alexandra Badea in Prague

february 2020

28feb1:00 am1:00 amEurope Connection by Alexandra Badea at Theatre Letì

01feb1:00 am29(feb 29)1:00 amVečeře s novou horu at Theatre Letì

march 2020

27mar1:00 am1:00 amEurope Connection in Prague

june 2020

01jun1:00 am30(jun 30)1:00 amConference on Polish dramaturgy in Prague

august 2020

01aug1:00 am15(aug 15)1:00 amtext by David Kostak, Roman Sikora and Tomas Dianiska at Večeře s novou horu

december 2020

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am31mar(mar 31)1:00 amPublished the final report about the Mobility Program of Fabulamundi

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am28feb(feb 28)1:00 amFabulamundi Workbook online

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am26feb(feb 26)1:00 amPublished the Final report about Audience Development within Fabulamundi

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