Dramaturgy of a Fairy Tale

Playwright: Biljana Srbljanović
Partner: Heartefact
Twinned playwright: David Košták

Duration: 1 week
Participants19-23 years old students (from 2nd and 3rd year, Faculty of Drama Arts Belgrade, departments of Dramaturgy and Theatre directing)
Location: Heartefact House, Belgrade
Time: 14-16 November 2023

Biljana Srbljanović will hold a short workshop on the adaptation and dramatization of fairy tales from a contemporary perspective, together with Czech playwright David Košták. The lab will guide a group of students from the Dramaturgy and Theatre directing department of the Drama Art School in Belgrade to develop the structure, storyline and base for a future dramatisation, all the while offering a chance to learn tabout the close collaboration between playwright, dramaturg and director from the beginning of the process. After the workshop ends, students will develop and write their dramas. The main dissemination activity will unfold in the Youth Theatre of Belgrade, which is interested in staging the fairy tales once written.

The workshop will focus on concepts from Vladimir Propp’s “Fairy Tale Morphology”, and on archetypes and universal concepts in fairy tales.