film: Theatre Insight – Stories from Fabulamundi

How can you tell a European project like Fabulamundi on video? How can you tell the stories of our 120 authors and their thousands of texts? And of the hundreds of activities carried out to date?
We started from this question and chose 8 Fabulamundi authors, one for each partner country, to try to tell the project from their point of view. We have commissioned each author a text, a single act halfway between cinema and theater which, starting from an episode that really happened in the context of Fabulamundi, reflected their point of view on the project.
Eight different texts were born, which tell Fabulamundi from as many unpublished points of view. Eight autonomous scenes, linked to each other by a precise red thread: the theater. Even where the sequences are set elsewhere, all were shot in the theater, between stage, foyer and audience, creating a constant friction between reality and fiction. The “realistic” style of cinema uses the codes of theatrical fiction, in which the viewer “agrees to believe in a shared fiction”.
Between one scene and another, the word passes in the first person to our authors. Their direct testimonies are the trait d’union of a sequence of snapshots, with which to enter their creative process. What prompted them to write? What experiences have they lived, what is their vision of theater and of Europe?

stories from Fabulamundi

Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
a PAV production
in collaboration with Kublai Film

a project by Belloni / Boato / Danesin
directed by Giulio Boato
dramaturgy Davide Carnevali and Giulio Boato
sound and music Lorenzo Danesin

with (in order of appearance)
Sylvia De Fanti, Elisabetta Mandalari, Marco Cavalcoli, Miguel Gobbo Diaz, Stefano Patti, Luca Mascolo, Massimo Odierna, Arianna Pozzoli, Maria Vittoria Argenti, Caterina Carpio

and with the playwrights
Helena Tornero, Roman Sikora, Elise Wilk, Claudius Lünstedt, Davide Carnevali, Nathalie Fillon, Elzbieta Chowaniec, Maxi Obexer

line producer Laura Belloni
director of photography Andrea Gallo
artistic collaboration Mauro Lamanna
assistant director Giusy Guadagno
costume designer Marta Montevecchi
make-up artist Giorgia Melillo
photo © Claudia Pajewski

Project promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Directorate General for the Promotion of the Country System, in collaboration with the Directorate General Entertainment of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, in the frame of the project “Vivere all’italiana sul palcoscenico”.