Playwright: Constance de Saint Remy
Partner: Theatre Ouvert
Twinned playwright: Helena Tornero

Duration: 1 year (June 2023 – May 2024)
Participants: open to everyone from 18 to 27 years old / free and without conditions of artistic practice / the participant commits to the entire workshop. 5-15 participants.
Location: Online sessions on WhatsApp + final meeting
Time: Every first Sunday evening from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

FORUM is a writing workshop organised by Théâtre Ouvert and led by author and playwright Constance de Saint Remy

How do we meet people today ? How does digitalisation change the way we speak to each other ? What kind of social space are forums and other chat platforms ? This workshop is about exploring the new type of correspondence offered by the Internet. 

Every first Sunday evening of the month, the group of participants (young adults) will be connected on WhatsApp, to discuss a subject, a quote, an article or a picture… This discussion may gather several types of writing : the classical taping way, but also emojis, vocals, memes, etc.  At the end of every session, Constance de Saint Remy will give exercises or material to think about for the next session. Themes will be centred on current affairs and the three topics defended by the FAB Community : gender, green theater and digitalization.  

Instant messaging platform is a technology that will allow the group to talk and write to each other everywhere, not necessarily on their computer, even if these applications have a Desktop version.  To unite the group, monthly meetings will not be sufficient : it will be possible to chat between “official meetings”. These “unofficial chats” might happen regarding their availability or desire.

Official meetings will be mandatory and reunite everybody : every person of the group shall be connected between midnight and 1:00 am, every first Sunday of the month.  At the last and 12th meeting, the group will meet in person for the first time, for a collective reading of the entire discussion.


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