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La Mousson d’Été (Pont-à-Mousson)

Founded in 1995 by artistic director Michel Didym, la Mousson d’Eté is one the major European events focused on the discovery, development and promotion of new playwriting. The Abbaye of Prémontrés, located in the heart of Lorraine, for seven days opens its doors to authors, directors, university teachers and students, actors as well as the public inviting them to explore contemporary theatre. La Mousson d’Eté proposes a wide range of readings, mises en espace – of texts both unpublished or translated for the first time in French -, conversations and performances.

La Mousson lets you sneak into the playwright’s workshop to show you the very core of theatre, before scenery, costumes, production and staging transform it.

Théâtre Ouvert

Théâtre Ouvert

Théâtre Ouvert (Paris)

Théâtre Ouvert missions can be defined as promoting the contemporary dramatic art’s renewal, provoking the emergence of new kinds of writing by doing investigation and trial, or even guiding the development of those writings by the production, the edition and the circulation of texts and theatrical forms such as readings, setting up, shows, performances or radio plays…
The implementation of those missions is based on a structure organised in two important works.
First of all the work qualified as an “underground” one, corresponds to the reading of manuscript by the permanent members of the theatre but also to dramaturgic advices to authors. It also corresponds to the setting up of meetings between authors and stage artists. And finally, to a time of research and residency through for example the EPAT’s plan – EcolePratique des Auteurs de Théâtre.
The final part of our work consists of public exhibition by the publication in the Tapuscrit collection or by public presentation at different steps of the play’s creation.


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 Past Events

march 2021

20dec - 31mardec 201:00 ammar 31Published the final report about the Mobility Program of Fabulamundi

february 2021

20dec - 28febdec 201:00 amfeb 28Fabulamundi Workbook online
20dec - 26febdec 201:00 amfeb 26Published the Final report about Audience Development within Fabulamundi

august 2020

21aug - 26aug 211:00 amaug 26La Mousson d'été 2020

july 2020

14jul - 19jul 141:00 amjul 19Ciclo Teatro sin teatro: La France! - Argentine online activities based on French Fabulamundi texts

march 2020

9mar - 12mar 91:00 ammar 12La Mousson d'hiver 2020

february 2020

21feb - 26feb 211:00 amfeb 26workshop and text by Alexandra Badea a Nancy
14feb - 15feb 141:00 amfeb 15workshop by Nathalie Fillion at Nancy

november 2019

6nov - 8nov 61:00 amnov 8fifth Fabulamundi Partners’ Meeting

september 2019

30sep1:00 am- 1:00 amA new production of Theatre Ouvert from the text of Joan Yago
23sep - 25sep 231:00 amsep 25MOB PRO GERMANY

august 2019

25aug - 27aug 251:00 amaug 27MOB PRO FRANCE
23aug - 27aug 231:00 amaug 275 stage reading during the Mousson d'ètè 2019

may 2019

29may - 30may 291:00 ammay 30Production of the new play by Alexandra Badea
23may1:00 am- 1:00 amKateřina Rudčenková at Theatre Ouvert
21may - 23may 211:00 ammay 23Mob-Pro Vienna
11may - 14may 111:00 ammay 14Des territoires by Baptiste Amann at Theatre Ouvert
12apr - 9mayapr 121:00 ammay 9Fabulamundi - Call for Associate Researcher

march 2019

25mar - 29mar 251:00 ammar 29Mousson d'hiver 2019
5mar - 7mar 51:00 ammar 7MOB PRO WARSAW

january 2019

11jan - 12jan 111:00 amjan 12a special networking activity in UK
1jan - 311:00 amjan 31- 1:00 amLong residence of German author Kevin Rittberger

november 2018

30nov1:00 am- 1:00 am"28 Battiti" by Roberto Scarpetti at Théâtre Ouvert
28nov7:00 pm- 10:00 pm"Qui croire" by Guillaume Poix at Théâtre Ouvert

august 2018

27aug1:00 am- 1:00 amJosep Maria Miró at Mousson d'ètè
26aug1:00 am- 1:00 amEmanuele Aldrovandi at Mousson d'ètè
25aug1:00 am- 1:00 amVolker Schmidt at Mousson d'ètè
24aug1:00 am- 1:00 amWerner Fritsch at Mousson d'ètè
23aug - 29aug 231:00 amaug 29Mousson d'été Festival

may 2018

23may - 30may 231:00 ammay 30Pier Lorenzo Pisano and Maxi Obexer at Theatre Ouvert
14may - 25may 141:00 ammay 25The Italian author Pier Lorenzo Pisano in Paris

april 2018

25apr - 27apr 251:00 amapr 27First Mob Pro in London
23mar - 14aprmar 231:00 amapr 14Stage presentation of "La Truite" by the french author Baptiste Amann in Paris

march 2018

20mar1:00 am- 1:00 amReading of the text by Bonn Park "Rumbling of the Milky Way" for The Mousson d'Hiver
20mar1:00 am- 1:00 amReading of the text by Helena Tornero "Head Under Water" for The Mousson d'Hiver
19mar - 21mar 191:00 ammar 21Bonn Park in residence at Goethe Institute for The Mousson d'Hiver
14mar - 16mar 1410:00 ammar 16Helena Tornero in residence at la Manufacture for the Mousson d'Hiver
14mar - 16mar 141:00 ammar 16Workshop lead by Helena Tornero for The Mousson d'Hiver
29jan - 10marjan 291:00 ammar 10Stage presentation of Sur/exposition by the French author Aurore Jacob

december 2017

18oct - 15decoct 181:00 amdec 15workshop "Beyond borders?" at Theatre Ouvert - Paris

november 2017

24nov1:00 am- 1:00 am"Paper airplanes" by Elise Wilk at Theatre Ouvert
23nov1:00 am- 1:00 amNathalie Fillion at Theatre Ouvert / Paris

september 2017

20sep - 21sep 201:00 amsep 211° National Playwrights Meeting (France)

august 2017

24aug - 30aug 244:00 pmaug 30La Mousson d’Eté 2017

april 2017

3apr - 7apr 31:00 amapr 7La Mousson d’Hiver (Pont-à-Mousson - France)

november 2016

17nov - 22nov 171:00 amnov 22F.T.O#3 festival at Théâtre Ouvert (Paris)

august 2016

23aug - 29aug 231:00 amaug 29La Mousson d’été (Pont-à-Mousson / France)

march 2016

14mar - 16mar 141:00 ammar 16La Mousson d’Hiver (Pont-à-Mousson - France)

november 2015

17nov - 21nov 171:00 amnov 21Théâtre Ouvert (Paris - France)

august 2015

21aug - 27aug 211:00 amaug 27La Mousson d’étè (Pont-à-Mousson - France)