Gallery: Antisocial by Bogdan Georgescu in Barcelona (Sala Beckett)

The mise en espace of Antisocial by Bogdan Georgescu was presented on 13th of July at Obrador d’estiu (Sala Beckett).
Translated into Catalan by Xavier Montoliu Pauli, directed by Aleix Fauró, with Arnau Comas, Isak Férriz, Marina Fita, Carles Gilabert, Pablo Macho, Isis Martín and Carmela Poch.
After the show there will be an aftertalk with the author and the cast.

About the text
A province town high school, year 2015, Romania. The students create a secret group on social media. The teachers find out, infiltrate and take action. With the support of some of the students. # freedom of expression # violation of privacy # trust # respect # comment # educational system # trashed # public space # snitch # slander # share # lack of professionalism # bribe # like # outdated # dialog @ any level # how far are we from the caves we came from? # hashtag.

Antisocial is an Active Art play combining devising theatre, documentary theatre and observational performing techniques, exploring new types of theatricality and dramatic structures. The play was originally produced by the Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu and the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu.

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