Gallery: Mousson d’ètè 2019

During the Mousson d’ètè Festival 2019 were presented 5 stage readings of Fabulamundi’s authors:

– 23rd August at 6pm: Bleus / Blue eyes by the Icelandic author Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson
translation by Séverine Daucourt
director Véronique Bellegarde
cast Laurent Charpentier, Glenn Marausse, Julie Pilod
music Philippe Thibault

– 25th August at 2pm: Comme une chienne sur un terrain vague / Julia and the Empty Lot by the Spanish author Claudia Cedo
translation by Laurent Gallardo
director Helena Tornero
cast Laurent Charpentier, Olivier Cruveiller, Camille Garcia, Catherine Matisse, Alexiane Torres, Ariane Von Berendt

– 25th August at 6pm, Traducteur / Interpretaçao by the Portugues author Jacinto Lucas Pires
translation by Marie-Amélie Robilliard
director Michel Didym
cast Quentin Baillot, Etienne Galharague, Louise Guillaume, Nelson-Rafaell Madel
music Vassia Zagar

– 27th August at 2pm, Fratrie / Fratelli by the Italian author Valentina Diana
translation by Olivier Favier
director Tamara Al Saadi
cast Olivier Cruveiller, Catherine Matisse

– 27th August at 4pm, Fenêtre / Windows by Ayse Bayramoglu
translation by Selin Altiparmak
director Hubert Colas
cast Étienne Galharague, Louise Guillaume