Kasha Jandáčková

Kasha Jandáčková

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Author and director. A graduate of directing and dramaturgy at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater at the Theatre Academy of Art in Prague (DAMU). As a playwright and assistant director, she has repeatedly worked with director Petra Tejnorová and her group Sgt Tejnorová & The Commando. As a director, she has collaborated with the LETÍ Theater and the Prague Pride Festival, the Theater Komedie and with director Martin Kukučka (SKUTR). In her own work, she especially focuses on current personal and socio-political themes and on the search for new forms through the subject, movement, new media and her own playwrighting. Her latest production is direction of her own play Městečko Fake News (City Called Faked News) with the ensemble 11:55 in the theater space Jatka78 and the production of the text The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, at the East Bohemian Theater Pardubice and the production of her own play Les sebevrahů (The Suicide Forest), which was developed within the LETÍ Theater residency program. She received the Evald Schorm Award for 2016 for the original play Day and Night.

Day and night

Cast: 2 men, 2 women (variable)

“The chance of dying in a terrorist attack is the same as winning the lottery.”

How can your whole life change in a single moment? What are the consequences of every decision? Will I have another beer at the concert, or am I going home? Will I take the subway or will I walk? Will I write to him, or will I wait if he calls me first? Would you like to know your life story in its other alternatives or is it something we should not think about? And if we were given second chance at a life, would we use it for heroic deeds or fear that we would lose our life again?

The play by Kasha Jandáčková, which premiered in the NOD experimental space in December 2016, tells the stories of real victims of terrorist attacks based on documentary materials, newspaper articles, authentic testimonies and video recordings. The lives of ordinary people who would rather not become heroes.

“Kasha Jandáčková‘s play is inspired by the phenomenon of terrorist attacks. This is a topic that is extremely current, but somewhat sensitive in a country that is full of concern and remains practically isolated from all the problems of migration and terrorism. The path chosen by the author makes sense: it follows the line from an intimate view of both the victim and the terrorist in their daily lives, and later gradually adds a social and political dimension. What I appreciate most is that she doesn’t judge, she doesn’t raise an moralistic finger, but she gradually changes her point of view. Concerns and increasing hatred turn into a desire for one’s own human dignity, which is incompatible with anxious xenophobia. In addition, the playwright uses current techniques such as monologization, fragmentation and composition from various textual elements.” Jiří Adámek

The play won the Evald Schorm Award in 2016.


The suicide forest

Cast: 1 male, 1 female (variable)

A modern love story from the far too far future.

“Since everything is wireless, you have nothing to hang yourself with.”

A story about Hansel and Gretel, but mostly about Gretel who had been losing herself in the world for so long she eventually became lost in herself. The city is full of lights and people are searching for the last promise of undiscovered darkness. People have driven the forests into an ever-increasing number of pots, and they are saving the last drops of water for themselves to satisfy their growing thirst.

A Bermuda love triangle in which the last traces of vegetation are disappearing.

An uncompromising look at the future starring two actors and one musician, seen through the eyes of a young playwright and director – Kasha Jandáčková.

A captivating and devastating apocalyptic suite for those who grew up with Czech feel-good comedies. The text was created within the residency program of the LETÍ Theater.