La geografia delle budella

Playwright: Eva Geatti
Partner: Short Theatre
Twinned playwright:Kateřina Součková


•Rome session

Duration: 4 days
Participants: young participants up to 30 years old
Location: Teatro India – Teatro di Roma
Time: 11-14 september 2023


Asti session

Duration: 4 days
Participants: young participants
Location: Spazio Kor
Time: 20-23 november 2023

The workshop organised by Short Theatre Festival starts from the reading of the first chapter of Il Monte Analogo by René Daumal and from two words that evoke a posture and a gesture of research: Self-creation and Psycho-geography. Self-creation is the attempt to maintain a temporal constancy in the search for spontaneous and original movement, without following predefined rhythms or stylistic indications. Psychogeography is that exercise whereby, keeping oneself in motion, one mentally maintains a constant narration made up of incoming and outgoing flows, trying to move the thought into the body. During the workshop, playwright Eva Geatti is accompanied by the composer Dario Moroldo, who will develop acoustic patterns to follow, contrast or enhance the gestural practices of the participants.

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To participate, send an email to, stating the title of the workshop in the subject area and name, phone number and a few lines of presentation in the body.

Deadline: 25th August 2023

La geografia della budella (The Geography of guts) is part of RECIPROCITY, a section of Short Theater now in its third edition, in which the festival experiments with models of reciprocity and knowledge through bodily practices, narrative grafts, playful universes.

Ph Flavia Zacca/CIRCA | Short Theatre 2023