M.A.P.P.A._talk. Projects and Dramaturgies from Italy to Europe

a cycle of webinars in live streaming

in collaboration with Italian webzine Teatro e Critica

The experience of M.A.P.P.A., a column of interviews with young critics and observers of the European scene on the Italian webzine Teatro e Critica, meets that of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe with a cycle of webinars aimed at drawing and tracing those national performative practices that live on European scope.

In synergy with PAV, the editorial staff of Teatro e Critica will meet in live streaming some of the most interesting European projects dedicated to the performing arts conceived in Italy.

What is the relationship between the performing arts system in Italy and the European funding? Which are the most interesting projects financed at European level among those born in Italy in recent years? Which of those who have not formally adhered to these financing plans, have nevertheless and in fact built a series of international relationships (and acknowledgments) within their work?

Starting from these questions, we want to learn about those projects that carry out practices on the national territory with a European outlook and tell them to the audience.

This series of meetings will inevitably also focus on the issues related to the pandemic: how to live the deadlock? Projects that have cultural exchange, travel and migration in their constitutive DNA, are now forced to reshape their actions.

calendar of webinars

March 29 

Citizenship participation

Claudia Di Giacomo – Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
Valentina Kastlunger – (Un)common spaces
Anna Gesualdi e Giovanni Trono – Altofest
Moderator Lucia Medri

In a crossing of heterogeneous missions and practices, the participants will investigate the paradigms and strategies with which each project interconnects the international dimension at the local level, on its own reference territory, mapping needs, needs and stimulating their active participation.

April 19 

Bodies and accessibility between dance, video and spaces

Valentina De Simone – Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
Lucia Carolina De Rienzo – COORPI, Italian co-founder of mAPs – migrating Artists Project
Tonio De Nitto and Fabio Tinella – Cross the Gap
Moderator Simone Nebbia

Telling the link between audiovisual production and the performative gesture of contemporary dance to highlight values and experiences of a high ethical profile; questioning about the use of theater as a vehicle for bringing together international realities operating on disabilities: these are some of the themes that will focus on bodies, skills and spaces.

May 3

Integrated and postcolonial communities

Roberta Scaglione – PAV/Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
Salvatore Tramacere (founder and director of Teatro Koreja) – AIDA
Anna Petrachi (vice president of Teatro Koreja) – AIDA
Anna Serlenga – Milano Mediterranea
Moderator Luca Lotano

Music and performing arts can create a process of interconnection between people and new contemporary aesthetics. In this meeting, we will investigate the possibilities related to cultural exchanges with the Mediterranean and the Balkans, also from a residential city perspective.

May 17

European maps of contemporary dramaturgy

Claudia Di Giacomo – Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
Margherita Laera – University of Kent
Claudio Longhi – Piccolo Teatro
Moderator Andrea Pocosgnich

The study Fabulamundi Workbook commissioned by Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe to Margherita Laera, researcher at the University of Kent, realizes a mapping of contemporary European dramaturgy, comparing practices, financing and scouting methods of Spain, England, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic.
Methodologies, practices and research results will be explored during the webinar.

May 31

Contemporary dramaturgy and translation

Claudia Di Giacomo – Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe
Margherita Laera – University of Kent
Davide Carnevali – playwright and translator
Monica Capuani – translator and freelance journalist
Moderator Viviana Raciti

Starting from the study commissioned by Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe to Margherita Laera examined in the previous meeting, this webinar will focus on two key research issues, that of theatrical translation and training, comparing European methodologies, practices and physiognomies, starting from the ten-year experience of Fabulamundi and its network.

The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the public notice Contemporaneamente Roma 2020-2021-2022 cured by the Department of Cultural Activities and realised in collaboration with SIAE.