M.A.P.P.A Talk

M.A.P.P.A Talk 

A series of live streaming webinars conceived and produced by Teatro e Critica and PAV as part of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe


WHEN: 25 October – 13 December 
WHERE: online

In 2021, the experience of M.A.P.P.A. (a series of interviews with young critics and observers of the European scene) meets that of the European project Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, with a cycle of webinars aimed at analyzing some of the European objectives of priority interest of the 2030 agenda. In synergy with PAV, the editorial staff of Teatro e Critica will meet in live streaming appointments with artists, artistic directors, and operators, to share ideas and opinions on the strategies of the cultural sector connected to the pursuit of the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

How can the theatrical and performing arts sectors respond to the needs of the present? Through what contents and tools do the live show address the close relationship between social responsibility and sustainable development from an artistic and organizational point of view?

This is the starting point of each meeting, from which the threads connected to the key questions linked to gender inequalities, environmental sustainability, and inclusive growth will unravel progressively in order to assimilate the concept of a complex society, in which the discussion is not reduced to a sector problem but widens to its connections in all social aspects.


The meetings will take place in streaming at 5 pm, on the Facebook page of Teatro e Critica and PAV


October 25

Participants: Roberta Scaglione – PAV / Fabulamundi dramaturgy Europe, Massimiliano Civica – Artistic Director of the Metastasio Theater, Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli – Director – lacasadargilla

Moderation by Simone Nebbia

To understand the theme of sustainability on an idea of ​​reflection capable of intercepting different needs, from the artistic one to the environmental one, from the productive one to the economic, human, and social one. This is the key to the dialogue between Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli, Massimiliano Civica, and Roberta Scaglione in order to grasp the different nuances of meaning and their reciprocal repercussions.


November 8

Participants: Claudia Di Giacomo – PAV / Fabulamundi dramaturgy Europe, Cinzia Spanò – President of Amleta, actress, author, Carmelo Rifici – Artistic Director LAC – Lugano Art and Culture

Moderation by Lucia Medri

The commitment of the Amleta association in the attempt to fight gender discrimination in the world of entertainment, opens a reflection on the gender gap, thus intercepting the social reverberation of the sector’s claims and extending the protest to the next level. Cinzia Spanò, Carmelo Rifici and Claudia Di Giacomo debate on the theme.


November 22

Participants: Luca Ruzza – Architect and set designer, Daniele Spanò – visual artist

Moderation by Simone Nebbia

Starting from the project of the new Municipal Theater of Ruvo di Puglia, the talk reflects on which innovative characteristics and specifics a new theatrical space must have, according to the changes in theater and dance. Luca Ruzza, architect and set designer involved in the renovation project, and the visual artist Daniele Spanò talk about the close link between physical and virtual spaces, combining artistic potential with environmental sustainability.


December 6

Participants: Alessandro Fabrizi – Artistic Director of the Festival of the Eco Logico Theater, Maria Scinicariello – President Prospetti consulting \ scientific referent performing, Claudia Di Giacomo – PAV

Moderation by Simone Nebbia

The theme of sustainability through the case study of the Eco Logico Theater Festival and its 10 days of “plug-in” events, as a starting point for investigating innovative strategies and models able to stimulate and develop new artistic potentials and create shared value. 


December 13

Participants: Paola Rota – director, Simonetta Solder – actress

Moderation by Sergio Lo Gatto

The precariousness and the exposed freedom of women’s bodies impose a constant search for alliances, overcoming invalidating cultural patterns and undermining the concepts of male chauvinism and patriarchy in the face of an act of rebellion. Starting from the recent presentation of the show “Come tutte le ragazze libere”, from the text of the Bosnian author Tanja Sljivar, Paola Rota and Simonetta Solder talk about the situation of women.

The activity is part of the Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe project, promoted by Roma Culture and winner of the Public Notice at the same time – Rome 2020 – 2021 – 2022 edited by the Cultural Activities Department and is carried out in collaboration with SIAE.