Niccolò Matcovich

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Born in 1989, he grew up in Rome. At the end of high school, he studied for one year with Rodolfo di Giammarco and Laura Novelli at the “Officina di Scrittura Teatrale”. From 2011 to 2015. he attended the three-year course in dramaturgy at Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi and graduated as a playwright, studying with some great teachers as Renato Gabrielli and Renata Molinari. In 2015 he came back to Rome and met Livia Antonelli, with which he founded Compagnia Habitas. One year later, also Chiara Aquaro joined the team. Habitas Besides producing shows, the Company organizes “Castellinaria – Festival di Teatro Pop” at Castello Cantelmo, in Alvito (FR). The first edition of the festival was in 2018.

Tryptich of the beasts

The play is a fresco in three pictures that at a first glance are not connected to each other, but whose fil rouge is represented by the presence of a different animal for each one: the goat, the dog, the bear. ROOTS: in a room of a mountain house, a man meets a woman. They now have to (re)build their relationship, thanks to the presence of a goat, a kind of magical element (we never see it) that leads the action and brings the audience to the final revelation: they are a mother and her son. The goat represents their origins, the maternal breast to whom the son is invited to go back. L’AFFAIRE MELGHERA: two men meet in an abandoned farmhouse in the suburbs of a city. There again, their relationship has changed because of their long separation. The pretext for their meeting is the will to buy that property, but the play actually investigates the relationship between two brothers, led by the presence/absence of a dog hidden in the shadow. With the sharp of a thriller, the play talks about two brothers who had buried their feelings in the name of hate and resentment and who now reckon with the past to finally rediscover their original and pure feeling. RESILIENCE: a man and his son, a terminal cancer, the last days together. A soft picture. In an aseptic place, the love between the two blows up with power. The guy completes the puzzle of his father’s life playing and talking with him, who is plunged into his bed, up to the final action of accompanying him to death and let him become a bear.

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