Lisa Wentz

Version 2

Lisa Wentz was born in 1995 in Tyrol, Austria. Graduating with an acting degree in Vienna in 2017, she moved to Berlin to study Scenic Writing at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her first play, Aschewolken, received a special prize for students of Scenic Writing from the Children’s and Young People’s Theatre Centre of Germany. It premiered at the Theater Strahl Berlin in 2021. In 2021, her second play, Adern, was awarded the Retzhofer Dramapreis. The play will premiere at the Burgtheater Vienna in 2021/2022.

Aschewolken (Clouds of ashes)

It is the middle of the night. Michael is about to leave Mathés’ old room through the window – when he gets caught by Laura, who suddenly appears in front of the house. With her comes a very real threat – she will inform others of Micheal’s break-in if he doesn‘t tell her what his intentions are. But Michael has a very specific plan: At 12 am he will be 16 years old, and he will hop on a morning train and leave this city and his life behind forever. Before then, he wants to leave a monument to his deceased friend Mathé.

Against his will Laura follows him on his quest through the city. However, a kind of comradery develops between the two of them. Together they break into the school, spray graffiti and say goodbye to Mathé. They are outsiders, and for both of them, Mathé was a link to the world of other people. At the end of the night, Laura brings Michael to the train station – and he gets on a train to Bucharest.

Cast: 1F / 1M
Performing rights: henschel Schauspiel Theaterverlag, Berlin
translated into Romanian
world premiere: 25.05.2021, Theater Strahl, Berlin, Director: Jörg Steinberg


Adern (Veins)

1950s, Tyrol, Austria. Following an announcement in the paper, a young woman moves to a little village in the mountains to marry a widowed father of three. As much as they need each other and as much as they want to move on, the past keeps creeping up on them. Rudolf, the family father, can’t let go of an incident from when he worked in the mines. Aloisia, the mother, has to decide if the new relationship is worth forgetting the father of her child, a French soldier.

More than anything, Adern, is a play about silence. It is about how leaving things unsaid affects the world even generations later. This story of a family connects with the history of Tyrol and the voice of a mountain destroyed by greed.

Cast: variable
World Premiere 2021/22, Burgtheater Wien
Performing rights: henschel Schauspiel Theaterverlag, Berlin