About us

Our Fabulamundi adventure dates back to 2007. By that time we started working with France on a bilateral project called Face à face, whose focus was to promote French playwrights in Italy and Italian playwrights in France. Those years turned out to be outstanding opportunities to test our skills in an international setting, getting to know different production models, talking to theatres and organisations which were dealing with similar (or different) issues on contemporary playwrighting.

Then, in 2011, we decided that it was time to collaborate also with other countries. The project needed a new name: we figured that Fabulamundi was a right name: because of its latin origin it could be easily understood in other languages. With the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture we started working by sending Italian playwrights to different European countries. In 2013, we got our first funding from what is today known as Creative Europe. We then tried again in 2015, and won again! We were always the same 5 countries and 10 partners. During this project we decided to start increasing our numbers and impact.

So we created Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe 2017-2020, our Large Scale winner, where we were able to gather 15 partners in 10 countries and other twin partners in other 8 countries. An outstanding number of 18 countries involved, which allowed the project to be a point of reference in Europe. New and old partners merged together in a totally harmonic way, and we kept going on promoting, exchanging, sharing, empowering on various aspects.

We are now at a point in which all Fabulamundi activities are part of our normal programming, thanks also to local funding which is granted for the activities. For this reason, in 2021 we decided that we would need another time to go for a European application in order to deepen a pivotal aspect of our Fabulamundi experience: youth. We wanted to share our playwright knowledge in order to involve the youngest, we wanted the give space to their voices, new voices. And this is today our bet, we won another funding for this Fabulamundi edition that is called NEW VOICES and of course we believe the best is yet to come.    

Current edition

Fabulamundi – New Voices is the new edition of a successful history of cultural promotion in the name of European values and heritage, which aims to bring contemporary playwriting closer to the younger generations. Its objectives are:

• To approach youngsters through creative writing: a huge program of laboratories will be implemented to reach more than 400 youngsters. 

• To train professional playwrights on themes especially sensitive to young generations such as gender balance, sustainability and digitization: a training programme with several conferences and round tables with experts, plus a cycle of seminars on the internationalization of playwrights.

• To create an international community of playwrights: a complete set of online actions, plus a system of mobilities and exchange for youngsters and professionals are set up. 

Fabulamundi will innovate European playwriting by developing and testing a new methodology to create and train a new generation of playwrights, putting dramaturgy into the spotlight, removing the barriers to the profession and integrating digital tools and results in the creation process.

The methodology will be tested in 9 countries and implemented by a consortium of 14 organisations active in the field of theatre and dramaturgy, located in all the European regions (including the Western Balkans). It will also be assessed and disseminated by Culture Action Europe and European Theatre Convention, which will ensure its wide international outreach.



PAV (Italy) – Associazione culturale Area06 (Italy) – ITZ Interkulturelles Theaterzentrum Berlin E.V (Germany) – European Theatre Convention EV (Germany) – Théâtre Ouvert – Centre National des Dramaturgies Contemporaines (France) – La Mousson d’été (France) – Sala Beckett (Spain) – Teatrul Odeon (Romania) – Universitatea de Arte Târgu-Mureș (Romania) – Wiener Wortstaetten (Austria) – Culture Action Europe (Belgium) – Divadlo Letì (Czech Republic) – Heartefact Fund (Serbia)



Teatro Stabile del Veneto (Italy) – Fondazione Piccolo Teatro Milano – Teatro d’Europa (Italy) – Fondazione Scuole Civiche di Milano (Italy) – APS Amleta (Italy) – ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Italy) – Associazione Santacristina Centro Teatrale (Italy) – Associazione Teatro di Roma (Italy) – ECCOM (Italy) – Teatro Libero Palermo Onlus (Italy) – Artcena (Francia) – Geisllers Hofcomoedianten Z.S (Czech Republic) – Teatrul Ariel (Romania) – SisterInArt Foundation (Poland)

Past editions

“Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe: Beyond Borders?” is a cooperation project among theatres, festivals and cultural organisations from 10 EU Countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, Belgium, UK, Poland and Czech Republic). The network aims to support and promote the contemporary playwriting across Europe, in order to reinforce and enhance the activities and strategies of the professionals and artists working in the sector and to provide the theatre authors and professionals with opportunities of networking, multicultural encounter and professional development.

Funded twice by the European Commission before the current edition, “Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe” won the Creative Europe Call as cooperation project2017 – 2020 and now intends to widen both its reach and impact in the theatre sector.  Through its experiences of the last four years, Fabulamundi has verified a growing interest in the European contemporary playwriting and a constant need to provide the sector with adequate and suitable tools that can help it to overcome its weaknesses. Therefore, the need to improve the multilateral relationships and the exchanges has become urgent as well.

The theme of this edition of Fabulamundi is “Beyond borders?”, a wide reflection about a relevant, challenging and dramatic urgency for Europe and European citizens. In these days characterized by the immigration emergency and by the rising of new walls, “Fabulamundi – Beyond borders?” intends to focus on the issue of overcoming borders, in order to provide a deep sight and understanding on contemporary matters.

This is a big challenge gathered by Fabulamundi together with its network in order to develop its own cultural mission. Fabulamundi aims to be a strong and wide platform of support and promotion of the contemporary playwriting across Europe. 

Fabulamundi main objectives are:

  1. Promote the circulation, translation, publication and staging of new plays across Europe, through an ongoing exchange process supported by the participating organizations.
  2. Promote the knowledge and circulation of valuable playwrights in Europe through an ongoing program of mobility and exchange.
  3. Support the playwrights’ professional development, through a wide and ongoing program of peer to peer learning activities, networking and encounter with other playwrights, professionals and stakeholders.
  4. Involve drama related organizations (theatres, festivals, playwrights’ associations, publishers, drama schools…) in the development of specific competences (Audience Development, co-production, training…)
  5. Enhance a favourable ‘ecosystem’ for new plays and playwrights circulation and production, promoting the dialogue and the cooperation among the different stakeholders involved in the value chain.
  6. Create an international network of playwrights, artists, professionals and stakeholders (from public institutions to drama schools, from cultural associations to publishing associations) aimed at strengthening the whole drama sector, in a long-term perspective.
  7. Promote Audience Development in the drama sector at EU level, through the definition, testing, assessing and dissemination of specific strategies.
  8. Create, test and assess collaborative strategies and methodologies for the promotion of playwriting at EU level, to be replicated in a long-term perspective with the aim of guarantee the sustainability of the project.

Fabulamundi activities:

  1. Create a “Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe – Beyond borders?” Artistic Program in the participating Countries, fostering the circulation of new plays and playwrights through an ongoing and coordinated selection, translation and distribution of plays.
    An Audience Development Strategy for drama related organizations has been designed, run and assessed in order to promote the audience development in the participating Countries and to become a replicable successful model.
  2. Playwrights’ and drama related organizations’ professional development and internationalization.
  3. Create an European Network for playwrights and plays circulation and fruition.
  4. Create the first edition of Fabulamundi European Festival in 2020.

Fabulamundi numbers:

  • 80 authors preselected from 8 Countries/dramaturgies (10 authors each)
  • 160 preselected plays (approx 2 per author)
  • 80 authors and 160 plays inserted in Fabulamundi online catalogue
  • 40 authors and 40 plays from 8 “twinned dramaturgies” inserted in the online Fabulamundi Catalogue

Therefore, a total amount of 120 authors out of 16 Countries and 200 texts in circulation and promotion.

Fabulamundi partners and networks:

The partnership is composed by the following organizations:

  • PAV s.n.c. di Claudia Di Giacomo e Roberta Scaglione (IT)
  • Short Theatre (IT)
  • Teatro i (IT)
  • ECCOM (IT)
  • Wiener Wortstaetten (AT)
  • Culture Action Europe (BE)
  • DIVADLO Leti (CZ)
  • La Mousson d’été (FR)
  • Théâtre Ouvert (FR)
  • Interkulturelles Theaterzentrum Berlin e.V. (DE)
  • Teatr Dramatyczny m.st. Warszawy (PL)
  • University of Arts of Targu-Mures (RO)
  • Teatrul Odeon (RO)
  • Fundaciò Sala Beckett – Obrador Internacional de Dramatúrgia (ES)
  • The Gate Theatre (UK)

Italy – Rome – Short Theatre


September 7th 2013

18.00 | Project presentation
19.30 | Pisica verde
by Elise Wilk
translated by Roberto Merlo
mise en espace by Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli
in collaboration with Alice Palazzi
with Caterina Acampora, Lorenzo La Posta, Anna Mallamaci, Valentina Morini, Francesca Verzaro, Mario Zaza
assistant director Francesca Zerilli

view project

September 8th 2013

15.00 > 19.00 Talk with Elise Wilk
curated by Società italiana delle Letterate: Laura Fortini and Maria Vittoria Tessitore

19.00 | Villa Dolorosa
by Rebekka Kricheldorf

translated by Alessandra Griffoni
mise en espace of extracts of the text by Fabrizio Arcuri / Accademia degli Artefatti
with Caterina Acampora, Chiara Giorgetti, Davide Grillo, Anna Mallamaci,
Valentina Morini, Tommaso Spinelli, Mario Zaza
assistant director Francesca Zerilli

view project

September 9th 2013

15.00 > 19.00 Talk with Rebekka Kricheldorf
curated by Società italiana delle Letterate: Paola Bono

Romania – Bucharest – Teatrul Odeon – UNACT

www.teatrul-odeon.ro    www.unatc.ro

November 12th 2013

Teatrul Odeon | Studio Hall
19.30 | La rivincita
by Michele Santeramo
translated by Eva Simon
directed by Vlad Cristache
with Cristian Iacob, Gabriel Pintilei, Alina Berzunţeanu, Crina Mureşan, Mihai Calota

followed by discussion with the audience

view project

November 13th 2013

UNATC – University of Theatre and Film
13.00 – 15.00 | Playwriting workshop with Michele Santeramo


Romania – Targu Mures – Teatrul National Târgu-Mures – Ariel

www.teatrunational.ro   www.teatrulariel.ro

National Theatre of Targu-Mures

November 22nd 2013

11.00 | Protocol Room | Press Conference – Launching Fabulamundi project in Romania
16.00 | Parking Hall | Primo amore
by Letizia Russo
translated by Elena Purea
directed by Alina Nelega
with Nicolae Mihoc

view project

November 23rd 2013

11.00 | Parking Hall | Contra el progreso (Against Progress)
by Esteve Soler
translated by Luminiţa Voina-Răuţ
directed by Ovidiu Caiță
with actors from National theatre of Targu-Mures

view project

November 22nd + 23rd 2013

“Ariel” Children and Youth Theatre | Studio Hall

November 22nd 12.00 – 15.00; November 23rd 11.00 – 14.00 | Playwriting workshop with Letizia Russo
November 22nd 16.00 – 19.00; November  23rd 17.30 – 20.30 | Playwriting workshop with Esteve Soler

Romania – Bucharest – Teatrul Odeon – UNACT

www.teatrul-odeon.ro    www.unatc.ro

February 25th 2014

Teatrul Odeon | Sala Majestic
19.30 | Sombras
by Marilia Samper
translated by Florin Galiş and Iunia Mircescu
directed by Vlad Cristache

followed by discussion with the audience

view project

February 26th 2014

UNATC – University of Theatre and Film
13.00 – 15.00 | Playwriting workshop with Marilia Samper

Spain – Madrid – Teatro Pradillo – Universidad Carlos III


March 1rst 2014

Universidad Carlos III
16.00 – 19.00 Talk with Gianina Cărbunariu, Enrico Castellani and Letizia Russo
curated by Carlos Rod

March 1rst+2nd 2014

Teatro Pradillo

21.00 | Tigrul Sibian
by Gianina Cărbunariu
translated by Doina Fagadaru
reading by Fernanda Orazi, Claudia Faci and Ziad Chakaroun
from a proposed Antonio Fernández Lera
in collaboration with Óscar G. Villegas and Nilo Gallego

The end
by Enrico Castellani
translated by Marilena de Chiara
reading by Fernanda Orazi and Claudia Faci
musical collaboration of Gichi-Gichi Do

Primo amore
by Letizia Russo
translated by Raquel Vicedo
reading by Miguel Ángel Altet


Italy – Milan – Pim Off

Pim Off


March 9th + 10th 2014

March 9th 15.00 – 17.00
March 10th 11.00-13.00 | 15.00-18.00 Playwriting workshop with Claudia Faci

March 10th 2014

20.45 | Construyo sobre el olvido
by Claudia Faci
translated by the students of the University IULM
directed by and with Paola Bianchi

followed by discussion with the audience

view project

Romania – Târgu Mures – Teatrul National Târgu Mures


March 10th 2014

18.00 | Märtyrer by Marius von Mayenburg
translated by Elise Wilk
directed by Theodor- Cristian Popescu

view project

Italy – Milan – Pim Off


March 24th 2014

15.00-18.00 | Playwriting workshop with Roxana Marian

20.45 | Medea sau despre feririrea conjugala
by Roxana Marian
translated by Roberto Merlo
directed by C.ie Zerogrammi

followed by discussion with the audience

view project

Germany – Heidelberg – Heidelberger Stückemarkt


April 6th 2014

17.00| Furie de sanghe
by Riccardo Spagnulo
translated by Werner Waas

by Marilia Samper
traslated by Stefanie Gerhold

by Csaba Székely
translated by Luisa Brandsdörfer

directed by Brigitte Ender
dramaturg Lene Grösch
with the actors of the Theater

19.30 | Close Babylonians? Discussion with the audience

France – Nancy-Lorraine – Festival Ring / La Manufacture

April 16th 2014

18.30 | Fils de personne (N.N. / Nomen Nescio)
by Francesca Garolla
translated by Olivier Favier
directed by Christine Koetzel
with the students of L3 de L’Université de Lorraine: Marion Boubekeur, Margaux Larson, Florian Antoine, Cathy Blaise, Morgane Deman, Elodie Fronty, Claire Le Guilloux, Isabelle Mambone, Noémie Torz

April 18th 2014

18.00 | Jecroisenunseuldieu (Credoinunsolodio)
by Stefano Massini
translated by Olivier Favier and Federica Martucci (with the support of Maison Antoine Vitez, centre international de traduction théâtrale)
directed by Michel Didym
with Julie Pilod 

Romania – Bucharest – Teatrul Odeon – UNACT


April 28th 2014

Teatrul Odeon | Studio Hall

19.30 | Trois Ruptures
by Remi de Vos
translated by Vlad Russo
directed by Mihai Lungeanu
with Pavel Bartoş, Clara Flores, Cătălina Mustaţă, Ioan Batinaş, Elvira Deatcu, Alexandru Papadopol

April 29th 2014

UNATC – University of Theatre and Film
13.00 – 15.00 | Playwriting workshop with Remi de Vos

Italy – Milan – Olinda


May 22nd 2014

20.45 | Villa Dolorosa
by Rebekka Kricheldorf
translated by Alessandra Griffoni
directed of extracts of the text by Roberto Rustioni
with Antonio Gargiulo, Milena Costanzo, Roberto Rustioni, rest of the cast to be defined
a project of Associazione Teatro C/R and Olinda

Romania – Targu Mures – Teatrul National Târgu-Mures – Ariel

www.teatrunational.ro   www.teatrulariel.ro   www.uat.ro

Teatrul Ariel Târgu-Mureș

May 24th 2014

20.00 | Sala Studio | Il discorso dell’onorevole
by Massimo Sgorbani
translated by Livia Bazu
directed by Alinei Nelega
with Nicu Mihoc

followed by discussion with the audience
University of Arts from Târgu-Mureș

May 24th + 25th 2014

10.00-14.00 | 16.00-20.00 | Playwriting workshop with Massimo Sgorbani

Italy – Milan – Teatro i


May 26th 2014

20.00 | Lilli / HEINER Intra-muros
by Lucie Depauw
translated by the students of the University IULM
directed by and with Alberto Astorri and Paola Tintinelli / Teatro i

Germany – Munich – Residenztheater

May 30rd 2014

Akademietheater Ost

15.00 | Playwriting workshop with Lucia Calamaro
with the students of the Academy, in collaboration with Laura Olivi, dramaturg Residenztheater Munich

May 31rst 2014

Residenztheater – Marstall

19.00 | L’origine del mondo
by Lucia Calamaro
translated by Werner Waas
directed by Laura Olivi

George Kaplan
by Frèdèric Sonntag
translated by Jacob Schumann
directed by Christoph Todt

Sibian Tiger
by Gianina Carbonariu
translated by Luisa Brandsdörfer
directed by Christoph Hetzenecker

with the actors of the ensemble

followed by discussion with the audience moderated by Martin Berg, Goethe Institut Monaco

Italy – Turin – Festival delle Colline Torinesi


Scuola Holden

June 3rd 2014

19.00 | Elevator
by Gabriel Pintilei
translated by Barbara Pavetto
directed by Sergio Ariotti
with Luciana Maniaci and Francesco D’Amore

June 4th + 5th 2014

Playwriting workshop for Acting College with Gabriel Pintilei

Germany – Berlin – Deutsches Theater


June 6th 2014

21.00 | Bal littéraire

by Fabrice Melquiot, Peca Ştefan, Magdalena Barile, Dirk Laucke, Lola Blasco

June 7th 2014

18.00 | BOX

Lilli/HEINER intra muros
by Lucie Depauw
translated by Christa Müller and Laurent Muhleisen
directed by Brit Bartkowiak

Lait o delle potenzialità luminose del corpo umano
by Magdalena Barile
translated by Sabine Heymann

En travaux
by Pauline Sales
translated by Leyla-Claire Rabih and Frank Weigand

George Kaplan
by Frédéric Sonntag
translated by Jakob Schumann

Pisica Verde
by Elise Wilk
translated by Ciprian Marinescu and Frank Weigand

directed by Brit Bartkowiak, Henning Bock, Leyla-Claire Rabih
dramaturg Christa Müller, Jakob Schumann
with Rüdiger Hauffe, Denis Larisch, Leoni Schulz, Anna Steffens (Staatstheater Mainz) – Lola Klamroht, Benjamin Radjaipour, Owen Peter Read, Solveijg Schomers, Adrienne von Mangoldt, Eric Wehlan (UdK Berlin) – Elias Arens, Natalia Belitski, Christoph Franken, Ole Lagerpusch, Franziska Machens (Deutsches Theater Berlin)


Italy – Turin – Festival delle Colline Torinesi


Fonderie Limone

June 13th + 14th 2014

19.00 | Die Unsichereit der Sachlage
by Philipp Löhle 
translated by Umberto Gandini
directed by Valter Malosti

June 15th 17.00 + 16th 19.00 2014

Luft aus Stein
by Anne Habermehl
translated by Alessandra Griffoni
directed by Valter Malosti

Italy – Milan – Olinda – Teatro i

Olinda – TeatroLaCucina 



June 16th 2014

21.45 | Mayo siglo XXI
by Fernando Renjifo
translated by the students of the University IULM
directed by and with Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini

Teatro i


June 18th 2014

20.00 | Contra el progreso
by Esteve Soler
translated by the students of the University IULM
directed by Renzo Martinelli / Teatro i

June 25th 2014

20.00 | Worst case
by Kathrin Röggla
directed by Renzo Martinelli / Teatro i

France – Paris – La Colline – Théâtre National / Paris

June 20th and 22nd 2014

by Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini
based on the reportage by Mariusz Szczygieł Reality
translated by Marzena Borejczuk, Nottetempo 2011
overtitles by Caroline Michel

June 20th and 22nd 2014

Ce ne andiamo per non darvi altre preoccupazioni
by Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini
with Daria Deflorian, Monica Piseddu, Antonio Tagliarini and Valentino Villa
translated by Caroline Michel

June 21st 2014

L’origine del mondo. Ritratto di un interno
by Lucia Calamaro
with Daria Deflorian, Federica Santoro, Daniela Piperno

Romania – Bucharest – Teatrul Odeon – UNACT


June 27th 2014

Teatrul Odeon | Studio Hall

19.30 | Malaga
by Lukas Bärfuss
translated by Ciprian Marinescu

UNATC – University of  Theater and Film 
13.00 – 15.00 | Playwriting workshop with Lukas Bärfuss

Spain – Barcelona – Grec Festival


July 10th 2014

18.00 | Hamlet ist tot. keine schwerkraft
by Ewald Palmetshofer
translated by Katia Pago
directed by Ferran Dordal i Lalueza

20.00 | Efectul Genovese
by Alina Nelega
translated by Xavier Montoliu
directed by Jordi Prat i Coll

July 11th 2014

18.00 | Les jeunes
by David Lescot
translated by Carles Batlle
directed by Carles Fernández Giua

20.00 | Lait o delle potenzialità luminose del corpo umano
by Magdalena Barile
translated by Marina Espasa
directed by Thomas Sauerteig

France – Pont à Mousson – Mousson d’été


August 22nd 2014

20.45 | reading on the radio

Tigrul Sibian
by Gianina Carbunariu
translated byAlexandra Lazarescou
directed by Alexandre Plank
with the actors of Mousson d’été

recorded live at the Mousson d’été with France Culture

August 23rd 2014 

18.00| Romania! Te pup!
by Bogdan Georgescu
translated by Fanny Chartres in collaboration with Dag Jeanneret
directed by Éric Lehembre with the Bassin Mussipontain’s amateur theatre group

 20.45 | Extase et quotidien
by Rebekka Kricheldorf
translated by Mathieu Bertholet
directed by Frédéric Sonntag
with Quentin Baillot, Louise Coldefy, Daniel Martin, Catherine Matisse, Philippe Thibault (music)

August 26th 2014 

14.00 | La rivincita
by Michele Santeramo
translated by Federica Martucci with the support of Maison Antoine Vitez et de Face à Face / Paroles d’Italie pour les scènes de France
directed by Laurent Vacher
with Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Odja Llorca, Serge Maggiani, Daniel Martin, Bruno Ricci, Frédéric Sonntag

Italy – Rome – Short Theatre Festival


September 9th 2014

18.30 | Hell is just a sauna
by Katja Brunner
translated by Alessandra Griffoni | studio by Valentino Villa | cwith Valeria Almerighi, Roberta Azzarone, Barbara Chichiarelli, Vittoria Faro, Marco Palvetti, Francesco Petruzzelli, Stefano Vona Bianchini | set Francesco Mari | curated by Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica “Silvio d’Amico”

September 10th 2014

19:00 |  Come zanzare nella luce
by Anne Habermehl (DE)
translated by Alessandra Griffoni | reading by Roberto Latini

September 11th 2014

17.15 | Meeting on contemporary european dramaturgy moderated by Antonio Calbi, Teatro di Roma Director
with the authors Katja Brunner, Anne Habermehl, Kathrin Röggla, (Germany), Remi De Vos, Frédéric Sonntag (France), Alina Nelega (Romania)
and with: Donatella Ferrante (Mibact), Oliviero Ponte di Pino (ateatro), Fabulamundi’s italian partners: Federica Fracassi (Teatro i), Isabella Lagattolla e Sergio Ariotti (Festival delle Colline Torinesi), and international partners.

19.45 | Il peggiore dei casi
by Kathrin Röggla (A/DE)
translated by the students of IULM University | mise en espace by Renzo Martinelli | dramaturgic adaptation Francesca Garolla | with Alberto Onofrietti, Paola Tintinelli and the voices of Federica Fracassi, Giovanni Franzoni, Valentina Picello, Libero Stelluti

September 12th 2014

19.30 | Trilogia della separazione
by Remi De Vos (FR)
translated by Anna D’Elia | mise en espace by  and with Babilonia Teatri

September 13th 2014

19.30 | George Kaplan
by Frédéric Sonntag (FR)
translated by Camilla Brison | with the support of Comitato di Lettura del Teatro Valle Occupato | mise en espace by Veronica Cruciani

France – Marseilles – Festival actoral


October 4rth  2014

hour to be confermed | Scènes pour une conversation après le visionnage d’un film de Michael Haneke by Pablo Gisbert
translated by Cristina Vinuesa Munoz
directed by Céleste Germe & Das Plateau

Romania – Targu Mures – Teatrul National Târgu-Mures – Ariel

www.teatrunational.ro   www.teatrulariel.ro

National Theatre of Targu-Mures

November 15th 2013

10:30 | Einigkeit und… by Dirk Laucke
Translated by Mircea Sorin Rusu
directed by Ovidiu Caita

November 16th 2013

10:30 | Le hibou, le vent et nous  by Fabrice Melquiot
Translated by Eugenia Anca Rotescu
directed by Gavril Cadariu

November 16th 2013

16:00 |Desde la sombra / Bufones y payasos by Antonio Fernàndez Lera
Translated by Luminita Voina Raut
Directed by Olga Macrinici

France – Paris – Théâtre Ouvert


November 17th  2014

19.30 | Il discorso dell’onorevole by Massimo Sgorbani
translated by Olivier Favier
with Nicolas Bouchaud

November 18th  2014

20.30 | Mayo siglo XXI. ¿Es el fracaso un atributo del alma? by Fernando Renjifo
translated by Sonia Gómez-Jordana Ferary
directed by Jean-François Auguste
withLaure Calamy, Agnès Sourdillon, Claire Delaporte

France – Paris – Théâtre Ouvert


November 21st 2014

20.30 | Scènes pour une conversation après le visionnage d’un film de Michael Haneke by Pablo Gisbert
translated by Cristina Vinuesa Munoz
directed by Céleste Germe & Das Plateau

Production and management PAV With the support of MiBAC Direzione generale per lo Spettacolo dal Vivo In partnership with (in chronological order):

Teatrul Naţional din Târgu Mureş Universitatea de Arte din Târgu-Mureș Centro Párraga Off Limits Teatro Pradillo Teatrul Odeon Interkulturelles Theaterzentrum Deutsches Theater Berlin

And with Istituto Italiano di Cultura Madrid Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino Istituto Italiano di Cultura Bucarest

Programme 2012


Rome / Short Theatre www.shorttheatre.org

-13 September Gospodin by Philipp Löhle Translated by Alessandra Griffoni edited by Goethe Institute with Andrea Di Casa e Federica Santoro Production Fattore K


Târgu Mureș / University of Arts of Târgu Mureș, Faculty of Romanian Theatre www.teatrunational.ro

-10 November Workshop with Letizia Russo and the students of the playwriting course

-11 November Binario morto by Letizia Russo translated by Horia Corneliu Cicortas with Andrada Samoila, Loredana Dascalu, Lorena Rapea, Alexandra Tifrea, Bianca Cuteanu, Andrei Stan, Cristian Iorga, Madalin Costea, Alexandru Caza, Bogdan Ceteras stage direction Adelin Ilie director Professor associate Dr. Marius Oltean

Bucharest / Odeon Theatre – Studio Hall www.teatrul‐odeon.ro

-26 November Nunzio by Spiro Scimone translated by Veronica Bordian

-7 December Exit by Fausto Paravidino translated by Cerasela Barbone


Murcia / Centro Párraga www.centroparraga.es

-17 November L’origine del mondo. Ritratto di un interno by Lucia Calamaro translated by Carmen Escriche, Ruth Weiner Graells with Javier Mula López and Rolando Vásquez Cruz director Oscar Molina

Madrid / Off Limits www.offlimits.es

-from 19 to 23 November Installation No reeducables by Francisco Ruiz de Infante from Donna non rieducabile by Stefano Massini

-21 November Meeting with the playwright

Madrid / Teatro Pradillo www.teatropradillo.com

-20 November Donna non rieducabile by Stefano Massini translated by Miguel Acebes directed and performed by Emilio Tomé


Berlin / Italian Cultural Institute www.iicberlino.esteri.it/IIC_Berlino

-13 December L’origine del mondo. Ritratto di un interno by Lucia Calamaro translated by Werner Waas

Babele by Letizia Russo translated by Sabine Heymann (publishing house Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertrieb) introduction by Christa Müller directed by Werner Waas with the actors of the Deutsches Theater.