Roxana Marian

Roxana Marian


I was in love with the written words since childhood when I started playing with them and imagine all sorts of stories. As a teenager I discovered theater and … I’ve got in love again!
As an actress, I have worked with a playwright on new texts and this meeting reawakened my first love – the writing. Writing and theater are for me passions that I can not control, serious relationships, formalized, which will not end in divorce, but only through death.
Everything I write is about my emotions, obsessions and dreams, about love and being loved, meetings, failures and joys. It’s not easy, but it’s too late, I am a bigamist and I stand for it no matter what!

See below all the activities involving Roxana Marian in the frame of Fabulamundi.

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Roxana Marian was born on October 5, 1975, in Targu-Mures. She graduated acting at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale “, Bucharest and has a M.A. in Dramatic Writing at the University of Arts, Targu-Mures.
In 2011, she published “Medea or About Domestic Happiness” on the portal and directed its radio version. One year later, the play had the premiere at the National Theatre of Targu-Mures, as a pilot project of THEATRE OF RISK programme.
Roxana is working as an actress at the National Theatre of Targu-Mures and from 2001 is permanently collaborating in the Underground Section at Ariel Theatre (Targu- Mures) and recently at ACT Theatre in Bucharest.

Theatre works

2010-2011 / Medeea or About domestic happiness; first staged: 2011, first audition of the radio drama developed from the play; 2012, first stage 2012, Ariel Theatre; published in 2012, LiterNet, online publishing company, and UARTPress, Targu-Mures, bilingual edition (romanian and hungarian).

Medeea or About domestic happiness
The play is a rewrite of the Medea myth, archetype found in its essence and a manifest of the modern woman, of the passion with which they live their love. The central theme is the condition of women, developed in relation and also in opposition with the society’s core of all time – the family. The play follows characters’ degradation. From the childbirth to the celebration of Christmas in the american way, from the sacred family lunch to the last supper with the dying mother – all the events are treated as anti-rituals, leading to deconstruction and complete alienation, therefore, to another end than the myth end, a more contemporary sacrifice than the original one – to Medea’s suicide.

Characters: 2 women – Medeea, Glauke; 2 men: Iason, Eros; Corul – undefined (the narator).

– Extract from Medeea or About domestic happiness –

Dismembered family drama or The dismembering of family life
Birth as the Beginning of Death
At the maternity hospital. Birth of the children (twins, a girl and a boy) The monologues may be intertwined on stage.

24 hours
One day
Today I’m giving birth to my children.
His children
I will love you even more after today, he said
To me
We shall be so happy!
It will all be so beautiful!
But I love you now
I do not love you more or less than before
I love you
Love has exploded inside me
Stretching my skin until it gave way
It crammed up in my belly
Like a stone!
I don’t get it, he says.
All this love inside me hurts
It’s like two burnt hearts
His heart and her heart
Yours, mine, just like you, just like me, for you, from me
I love you
I want to give you two new hearts!
How lovely, he says
I can`t wait
And leaves me there, stretched out on that table
He goes out, to have a fag with his buddies
To tell them how happy he is
He’s excited
He loves me
He’ll love me even more after today.

24 hours
1440 minutes
86400 seconds
24 hours on that metallic table
24 hours of gripping flounder,
Of feet hanged in steel hooks
Of stingy urine on the hard stone floor
Of strange hands raking inside me
24 hours of champed and stifled groans
Of clenched fists
Of eyes popping out of their sockets
Splashed against the white ceiling
Squashed against the stony walls!
It’s too much love!
I want it no more!
Take it out of me!
And that doctor pressing my belly again,
Sticking iron hooks in me
I love you I howl
And I’m pushing all my insides out
I love you I howl
And the cold blade cuts through my flesh, to make more room!
I can take it no more, I howl
This is not love!
Out with it!
This is the dancing in the death alley!
Someone being born
is making you wish you are dead!
Someone being born and beginning to die inside you!
I want to stop dancing!

Cut my belly!
Take this death out of me!

After 24 hours
Two burn hearts are torn off from me
Two sticky hearts, full of blood
Screaming as they come out
This is the first second of their first 24 hours
And it will all end in death.
It always does.


He comes in smiling
Wants to see his hearts
He’s happy
I should be happy too.
How beautiful, he says
I have the most beautiful family ever
The most beautiful children ever
I’ll show them to my buddies
They’ll see how happy we are
He takes his trophies and walks away.


On the 24th hour of today
I am left alone,
stretched on the metallic table
A mere carcass in a slaughter house
They’ll sting my flesh with needles
They’ll sew me up, to shut that hole
But the gap of missing flesh
Will still be there
It will bump against my ribs and hurt
Every single day until the very end
I love him
I gave him two new hearts

Edition 2017-2020

gallery: workshop about Roxana Marian lead by Francesca Garolla (Teatro i)

Here are some photos of the workshop edited by Francesca Garolla, on the text of the Romanian author

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