Heartefact (Belgrade)

Through creative, expert, and artistic exchange in the region of the Western Balkans, Heartefact supports and encourages contemporary and engaged cultural and artistic cre-ativity, and thus creates the conditions for producing a new generation of progressive in-dividuals.
Ever since its establishment in 2009, Heartefact has been committed to creating a cultural space which is responsible towards the past (Memory programe) and builds a secure future (Futurue program).

Heartefact is dedicated to fostering a creative, critical and responsible rethinking of emerging artistic, social and political issues and phenomena at national, regional and European levels. HF is advocating new models of production, regional cooperation and alternative forms of education.
Through the fusion of performing arts, creative industries and digital technologies Heartefact, as a leading institution, develops policies and practices that support a responsible culture of remembrance, democratic values, and above all, respect for human rights, freedom of speech and accountability in the public sphere.

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