Together, separately?

Playwright: Anna Wakulik
Associated Partner: SisterInArt
Twinned playwrights: Alexandra Koch, Ingeborg von Zadow, Roberto Scarpetti

Duration: 1 month
Participants: 10 participants from all over Poland
Location: Teatr Wybrzeze in Gdańsk
Time: 04 February – March 2024

The path, that foresees 3 workshops, will be devoted to the concept of solidarity – both the historical one, associated with the city and its role in the events of the political breakthrough of 1989, and the idea of solidarity in broad sense, private life and human relationships concerning us today and tomorrow.

The first part, running from February 4th, will see Anna Wakulik introducing the main theme to the participants and inviting them to shape the contexts and design of the text.

The whole process will end with a reading of the created plays on the stage of Teatr Wybrzeże in September 2024.