Valeria Belardelli was born in Rome in 1990. As an actress, she is part of the theatre collective Collettivo Schlab. With Collettivo Schlab she acted in one of the chapters of the trilogy dedicated to Austrian playwright Werner Schwab, that premiered at Romaeuropa Festival in 2017. She studied, among others, with Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano. She was one of the actors of Timeless, directed by Muta Imago, that premiered at India theatre, in Rome, in May 2018.  She was one of the protagonists of the film Happy Days Motel, directed by Francesca Staasch. She had a small role in Garth Davis’ Mary of Magdalene, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara. She acted in some music videos, commercials and short films. The last one, Adavede, was screened at Venice Film Festival 74, in the section called Settimana della Critica. It also earned her the prize for best actress at Lamezia Film Fest. She studied playwriting and screenwriting at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, in London. She participated in Biennale College Theatre 2017, attending a playwriting workshop conducted by Letizia Russo. In 2017 she began collaborating with U.G.O., a comedy theatre group in which she is both writer and actress.


Rain is about a world where day and night are not defined by light and darkness anymore. It’s a world where darkness prevails over light, a world where sunsets are rare and unexpected. Even rarer than light is the rain. You can’t stay at home when it’s raining. People have parties on the terrace, they go out and get wet. Rain it’s too precious to be ignored. He and She, on the other hand, never go out when it’s raining. They work in the office for the collection of rain, where they monitor the water as it flows along underground tubes, in order not to waste any of it. She hates the rain and this is the perfect job for her, while at first it is unclear why He has to spend his days at the office. Sometimes they’re both still attached to a reality that doesn’t exist anymore, when darkness meant night and light meant day. But at the same time they try to find a way of living in this new world, a world where swimming pools are for rich people and the sea is a mythical landscape you have only heard of. Rain is a play about environmental changes, about the excitement and terror of meeting someone for the first time, everywhere and under any light, about the skies painted by Magritte and about automatic milk machines.