Workshop for directors


WHEN: 18 October |  18.00 – 19.30

19 – 22 October | 15.30 – 19.30

WHERE: online

KIND: workshop


TEACHERS: Josep Maria Mirò and Denise Duncan

From 18 to 22 October, Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe in collaboration with INTERACTIONES – Interactions and practices of the contemporary Southern scene, promotes the creation of a free workshop for EU and South American filmmakers (Argentina, Peru, Chile) at the first experiences or with a consistent background. The lab, lasting a total of one week, will be led by Josep Maria Mirò and Denise Duncan, part of the international network of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, providing participants with the opportunity to deal with a duplicity of approaches, languages​​, and professionalism.

The scheduled sessions will be an opportunity to deepen the features and geographies of European and Latin American directing practice, with particular attention to new languages, the mobility of artists, and the circulation of works.

The workshop will focus on the practice of directing and on the creative process that underlies and guides it through a plurality of artistic horizons, questioning the role of directing in the international theater, its sustainability, and its radicality. The lab will also address contemporary writing methodologies, the adaptation of texts, the gender gap in roles and exposure, ideas of green and innovative planning, and observing practices for a possible future.

The event will take place on the ZOOM digital platform, for a maximum capacity of 12 participants.

The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the public notice Contemporaneamente Roma 2020-2021-2022 cured by the Department of Cultural Activities and realised in collaboration with SIAE.